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Friday Flakes: The Risks You Take If You Run Your Pet Lizard’s Instagram Account

Also, do we really need divisions in college football conferences?

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If you love your lizard, then think twice about giving it an Instagram account.

(Explicit language warning)

Sports! Sports! Sports! Sports! Sports!

Greatest NFL playoff round ever? 10 takeaways from Bills-Chiefs, struggles by Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, plus how the Rams, 49ers and Bengals won
If you were lucky enough to plunk yourself down on a couch somewhere for the two days of the NFL divisional round, you're probably pretty thrilled with your decision. The four games we saw over the weekend delivered just about everything we could have asked for: three upsets, four close games, a dethroning in Nashville, a defensive battle in the snow at Lambeau, a near-comeback for the ages in Tampa from Tom Brady and an all-time classic between the Bills and Chiefs to wrap up things Sunday night.

Staples: Divisions are boring, worthless, bad for business. Here’s how Power 5 leagues keep tradition and maximize CFP chances – The Athletic
We took a try at creating some sensible division-free schedule formats for the Power 5 conferences, possibly to save them from themselves.

Chucky Hepburn returns to Nebraska, an example of what could've been for Huskers | Men's Basketball |
Come Thursday, Chucky Hepburn will be hounding the Huskers. He’ll throw passes hoping to beat NU’s transition defense. Each play will remind Nebraska men's basketball fans: He could’ve been theirs.

Trev Alberts talks Nebraska's coaching hires, Memorial Stadium survey results and more | Huskers |
Nebraska Athletic Director Trev Alberts talked Nebraska football's coaching hires, the challenge of allowing alcohol at Husker sporting events and more on the radio Wednesday night.

Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger retires after 18 seasons - 'I retire from football a truly grateful man'
Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has officially announced his retirement after 18 seasons, doing so with a video posted to Twitter.

Why do football teams keep making up jobs that don’t exist? -
Football teams at every level are trying to find competitive edges, and this means getting more minds in the room that make decisions. On the surface this seems fairly easy. After all, these are really wealthy organizations who can afford to bring in whoever they want. There’s just one problem: There aren’t enough job titles in football.

Cowboys had deal for Sean Payton until Anthony Davis trade demand - Blogging The Boys
ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio has a book releasing soon called Playmakers, and in the aftermath of the Payton news, he decided to share an excerpt from it where he notes that the Cowboys were set to trade for Payton in early 2019 until Anthony Davis asked to be traded away from the New Orleans Pelicans. Yes. You read all of those words correctly.

LeBron James blew Austin Reaves’ mind with his big basketball brain -
James has something close to a photographic memory, showing an incredible ability to recall specific plays and coverages from many, many years ago. LeBron’s intellect is part of what makes him a very good teammate (save for a few passive-aggressive moments), but sometimes those around him can’t get on his level mentally.

Just ask Austin Reaves.

From NCAA sanctions to top of the Big Sky: Steve Smiley & Northern Colorado’s rebuild is coming to fruition - Mid-Major Madness
Greeley, Colorado is more than just a place where bets go to die (ask Scott Van Pelt). It’s where the 3-ball goes flying, and the dreams of taking a home-state team to the NCAA Tournament are thriving.


Haunting 3-minute film features a Jewish community in Poland before the Holocaust
The snapshot of life as it existed before the war was found among the travel souvenirs of a Polish-American family.

20 of the Most Accurate Sci-Fi "Predictions" | Book Riot
Aspects from sci-fi books from decades past have made their way into modern technologies, but is this a coincidence or prescience?

Romans Get Down in the Dumps Over the Eternal City’s Eternal Trash Problem - WSJ
Blame flies over the wrappers, empty bottles and piles of uncollected garbage bags littering the famed landscape of churches, fountains and ornate palazzi.

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