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Frosted Flakes: Chislic, Women’s Basketball Legend Dies, and Weekend at Bernie’s in Ireland

Plus we have all your Husker news from the weekend

Delta State University vs Louisiana State University, 1977 AIAW Women’s Basketball Tournament Photo by John G. Zimmerman /Sports Illustrated via Getty Images

I still have a hard time with articles that express surprise at the pairing of chili and cinnamon rolls. Now, the Smithsonian is on the case.

What’s Up With the Pairing of Chili and Cinnamon Rolls? | Arts & Culture | Smithsonian Magazine
Why kids across the western United States came to find the unlikely combination in their school lunches.

I seem to remember this meal from school lunches, but also at home. I didn’t even grow up in Nebraska. It doesn’t sound like that strange of a combination either. Savory chili and sweet cinnamon rolls seem like a logical pair.

Next, people will try to tell me they don’t know what chislic is.

(I leave you to the Googles if you don’t but trust me, it is worth the drive up north to find some.)

Frosted Flakes

This is impressive! Husker volleyball player Kalynn Meyer picked up ahead of where she left off in track & field.

New Husker running backs coach Applewhite’s contract finalized
Nebraska’s new running back coach will make $325,000 per year and has an agreement through the 2023 season, as Bryan Applewhite’s...

(Gymnastics) Nebraska-born Halle Rourke dreamed of competing for the Huskers. Her first meet went beyond those dreams | Sports |
The lone Nebraskan on the roster, Waverly graduate Halle Rourke was thrust into the lineup last weekend — and realized a dream in the process.

Huskers offer 2023 quarterback at Junior Day
Nebraska makes offer to William Watson at Junior Day

After adding another Saturday, reviewing the Husker transfers already here
With spring semester classes having started on the Lincoln campus this past week, some of Nebraska’s newest football...

Huskers Win 17 Titles at Mark Colligan Memorial - University of Nebraska
The Nebraska track and field team combined for 17 event victories at the Mark Colligan Memorial on Saturday at the Devaney Center Indoor Track.

Ndamukong Suh Forces Late Rams Fumble, Sets Up Game-Tying Touchdown – NBC Chicago
Ndamukong Suh forced Cam Akers to fumble as the Buccaneers trailed by one score against the Rams.

And guess who recovered the fumble? Yep, LaVonte David!

Nebraska extends offer to 2023 QB Watson after previously holding offer from Whipple at Pitt
Nebraska extends offer to 2023 QB Watson after previously holding offer from Whipple at Pitt

This will hurt the Husker depth at middle blocker, especially if Kayla Caffey is not granted another season of eligibility. But there are bigger things than sports and we wish Rylee best wishes in whatever she is dealing with.

Lincoln High grad Darius Luff shines for Huskers despite not feeling 100 percent | More Husker sports |
The sophomore said his legs and body felt the worst they’ve had all season. No matter.

Nebraska Recruiting: Thoughts on a Busy Junior Day Weekend for Huskers - Nebraska Football Recruiting - Hail Varsity
Recruiting analyst Greg Smith recaps all things Nebraska recruiting news, analysis and more so you never miss a thing.

Sportin’ Stuff Outside the 402/308

Lusia Harris, the only woman officially drafted by NBA, dies at 66 : NPR
Harris scored the first points in Olympic women’s basketball history and was the first Black woman inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame, among other accolades. She turned the NBA down in 1977.

How China plans to keep COVID at bay during the Olympics : Goats and Soda : NPR
Athletes and other attendees will be in a closed “loop” with strict rules about everything from daily testing for athletes to how spectators should respond — no cheering out loud, please!

Ayoka Lee sets NCAA D-I women’s basketball scoring record with 61 points - Sports Illustrated
The Kansas State center scored 61 points against No. 14 Oklahoma.

Varsity Blues: Former Texas coach speaks on what he believes is the real scandal - Sports Illustrated
No one is charge is suffering any consequences. Only the coach.

Your Weekly Poop

Bacteria Resistant To Last-Resort Antibiotic Found In Georgia Sewage | IFLScience
The research suggests mcr-9 could be far more widespread than previously thought, calling for significantly more investigation in the establishment of MCR

Seeds travel in animal poop, but animals are disappearing : NPR
As the climate gets hotter, plants could need to move to new habitats. But animals that eat their fruit and help spread the seeds are disappearing.

Not Sports (and Not Poop)

The M&M’s are getting a new look to become more ‘inclusive’. People jokingly think they should be hotter.
A makeover for the beloved M&M’s characters has prompted many on social media to call for the return of the previous, more classic "hot" M&Ms.

Why Are Online Scams Called ‘Phishing’? | Mental Floss
‘Phishing’ has become a catch-all term for basically any internet scam. When it was coined in the ’90s, that wasn’t the case.

This 22-year-old builds chips in his parents’ garage | Ars Technica
Sam Zeloof's creations show what’s possible for small-scale silicon tinkerers.

The Hollywood Con Queen lured hundreds of people into a bizarre scam, but the biggest twist was yet to come - ABC News
The number of victims may be much larger than anyone expected.

Photographer Finds Polar Bears That Took Over Abandoned Buildings | PetaPixel
At first, it looked like the trip to photograph polar bears would come up empty.

Toddler clears out mom's online shopping cart, orders $2,000 worth of items from Walmart
Lock your phone if you have a toddler.

The Icelandic Bakery That Buries Its Bread in Hot Springs - Gastro Obscura
We stopped before a large mound of sand. With shovel in hand, our guide started digging, slowly unearthing the stainless-steel pot that had been buried among the black sand and boiling water.

Louie Anderson's Story About How He Blew $80K, Then Drove To Las Vegas In The Middle Of The Night To Win It Back, Will Leave You On The Edge Of Your Seat - Digg
This is a crazy story and one that hopefully doesn’t prompt anyone else who suffered big losses to try the same thing.

Gymnastics has a new star, but it won't replace Simon Biles anytime soon : NPR
A team of researchers has discovered the gymnastic ability of bark beetle larvae. Scientists recently recorded the larvae performing the twisting leap for the first time.

Then There’s This

‘Beggars belief’: Irish police investigate claim dead man taken to post office to collect pension
Anyone else thinking “Weekend at Bernies”? Or just me?

Tongan ‘real life Aquaman’ survives 27-hour swim after tsunami | Reuters
A 57-year-old Tongan man who said he swam around 27 hours after getting swept out to sea during Saturday’s devastating tsunami has been hailed a ‘real life Aquaman’.