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Saturday NFL Playoff Thread

There’s no Husker basketball this weekend. Let’s cheer on some former Huskers in the playoffs

Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns Photo by Emilee Chinn/Getty Images

Nasty old COVID robbed us of Nebrasketball and women’s basketball this weekend. Of course, one of those may not be much of a tragedy (sorry Kevin and Patrick).

The NFL Divisional Round playoffs are here, so we’re checking rosters (and pulling up Brian’s NFL Huskers articles) to figure out who to cheer for.

Wait? Your team is still in the playoffs? Hush.

Cincinnati Bengals vs Tennessee Titans

Time: 3:30 pm CST


Husker rooting interests

  • Bengals: head coach Zac Taylor, wide receiver Stanley Morgan, Jr.,
  • Titans: cornerback Chris Jones

San Francisco 49ers vs Green Bay Packers

Time: 7:15 pm CST

TV: Fox

Husker rooting interests

49ers: Damion Daniels and Nate Gerry are on the practice squad

Packers: None that I know about

Alternate Topics

  • Double crust fruit pie or single crust with crumble topping? (#TeamCrumble)
  • How is your favorite non-Husker bouncy hoops team doing? (Sigh)
  • What do you think about the M&Ms makeover? (I didn’t even realize there were M&M characters)