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Purdue Blasts Nebraska Basketball 92-65

It was over in the first few minutes.

NCAA Basketball: Nebraska at Purdue Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

Key - don’t let Derrick Walker in foul trouble.

19:41 of the game, foul called on Walker. Walker picks up another foul at 17:38. Bryce picks up his second foul three minutes into the game.

Six fouls, 3 turnovers, 2 shot attempts for Nebraska in the first 3:11 of the game.

It would be understandable if the officials were calling fouls for a guy getting his arm hacked off, but they called some pretty light touches considering this conference is known for physical play.

Walker, Bryce, and Eduardo Andre each with two fouls by the first media timeout. Nebraska has four turnovers, 1-5 from the floor.

This game is over in the first five minutes. It probably would have been worth watching for a bit but the early foul calling turned it into a complete shitshow.

What happened the rest of this game is a testament to how well Fred Hoiberg controled the mentality of his team and if our beloved Huskers have any resilience whatsoever.

Nebraska lead 38-21 at the under 4 timeout. Our beloved Huskers played Purdue even for a bit, the the Boilers hit 3s and Nebraska went cold.

At half, Purdue lead 48-33. The Boilers shot 50% from the field, 17-34. They were 36% from 3, 5-14. Nebraska shot a respectable 43%, 12-28 from the field, and 6-10 from 3 for 60%. Our beloved Huskers had 12 turnovers compared to Purdue’s 3. This is a huge difference as Purdue has 13 points off those turnovers compared to Nebraska’s 0.

24 of Purdue’s points have come in the paint. While Walker has played admirably given he has two fouls, it’s damned difficult guarding Purdue even without foul trouble.

The second half starts much like the first, 16:52 in the second half, there are six fouls called on Nebraska.

The second half featured a Nebraska team obviously outmatched. Purdue continued to score consistently, Nebraska continued to commit turnovers.

Purdue went on a 13-2 run at which point Nebraska called timeout at 9:41. At that point, Nebraska trailed 73-45, the largest deficit of the game.

Walker fouled out at 8:20. He played very well, didn’t back down even though he was completely outsized. He finished with 8 points on 3-8 shooting, 4 rebounds, 2 assists and 3 turnovers.

Is this sour grapes?

Yes, admittedly some of it is. Basketball officiating makes me insane. When it ruins a game like it did this one, it makes me batshit insane.

Games like this happen from time to time. They happen to everyone in this conference. They are no fun to watch when they do. Add garbage officiating and it gets even worse.

Keisei Tominaga was the leading scoring with 11 points despite playing only 16 minutes. He was 4-5 shooting, 2-3 from 3. Alonzo Verge and CJ Wilcher added 10 apiece, with Bryce adding 9.

Overall, Nebraska shot 46% from the floor, going 26-57, compared to Purdue’s 49%, 32-65. Purdue had 46 points in the paint, Nebraska had 24.

Nebraska falls to 0-7 in Big Ten play and stays winless against Purdue at West Lafayette, falling to 0-8 at Mackey Arena. Our beloved Huskers are 0-5 against ranked teams, including four ranked opponents in the last five games.

Nebraska gets Indiana at home next Monday, January 17th at 5:00 pm.