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2022 Husker Football Opponent Previews

This Could Get Ugly?: The CORN NATION Q&A With Michigan

Michigan is #3 in the CFP poll. Nebraska appears headed for a 2nd consecutive 3-win season. Everyone go ahead and chew on that.

Minnesota vs Nebraska: Preview and Prediction

Nebraska Football vs Illinois: Preview and Prediction

The 24 HOUR RULE: The One-Score Scott Frost Experience, A Final Accounting

A last look at all of the shoulda, coulda, woulda from 2018 Colorado to 2022 Georgia Southern.

The 24 HOUR RULE: Breaking the Habit

And that habit is being okay with the close losses. It may be some unhealthy Dark Side stuff, but it’s time to let the anger flow through me.

Winner Stays in First: The CORN NATION Q&A With Purdue

And if Minnesota beats Illinois, the winner is ALL alone in 1st place in the Big 10 West. Chew on that for a moment.

The 24 HOUR RHULE: Some Random Thoughts Halfway Home

A Must Win For Both: The CORN NATION Q&A With Rutgers

Nebraska shoots for two conference wins in a row for the first time since 2018 - but Rutgers may need this win as badly as we do.

The 24 HOUR RULE: A Quick Fan Temp Check & The Nebraska Coach Search Takes a New Angle

My favorite thing about this was finding out Coach Eric Taylor has a Wikipedia page. Not Kyle Chandler. Eric Taylor.

The 24 HOUR RULE: 2022 Hits The Reset After a $7.5M Rage Quit

The question everyone’s mind during the bye week - Now what??

A New Beginning?: The CORN NATION Q&A With Indiana

Has anything been fixed in the bye week. If not, the Hoosiers will leave Memorial Stadium with their 2nd straight victory in Lincoln.

The 24 HOUR RULE: Nebraska Football - Thoughts From the Most Needed Bye Week Ever

I would love a study on bye-week teams who have craved that bye week the most. I’m not doing it but kinda feels like 2022 Nebraska Week 4 would be in that conversation.

It’s Oklahoma Week & BTW We Need A Coach?: The CORN NATION Q&A With Oklahoma

The next time we play again will be the first in forever neither one of us were in the Big 8/Big 12. Or who knows, we both might be back. Will we play again? Read on.

Georgia Southern Is Coming To Lincoln Because Erk Russell, Folks

Grab a stool, pour your favorite cold one and lemme tell you about Erk. Sure, it’s college football history stuff, but if magical dirty creeks, motivation by live rattlesnake and gettin’ after asses sound like your thing, then dig in.

The 24 Hour Rule: A Quick Look Ahead to THE GAME

Despite the result against Northwestern, the season didn’t end in Dublin. But it did make a defining moment bigger.

Michigan Wolverines 2022 Football Preview

Michigan looks like they’ll be challenging Ohio State yet again in the East division.

Minnesota Golden Gophers 2022 Football Preview

Like him or loathe him, PJ Fleck finds way to win Big Ten games in Minneapolis.

Illinois Fighting Illini 2022 Football Preview

The Illinois defense shocked Nebraska on week zero; it was a loss that Nebraska never was able to overcome last season.

Purdue Boilermakers 2022 Football Preview

Jeff Brohm has turned Purdon’t into a competitive Big Ten west program.

Rutgers Scarlet Knights 2022 Football Preview

COVID allowed Rutgers to get a really late bowl bid last season...will they earn one in 2022?

Indiana Hoosiers 2022 Football Preview

Karma struck Indiana for kerfluffles against Scott Frost (2019) and the Big Ten (2020) last season, as the Hoosiers endured double-digit losses in 2021. Will they bounce back in 2022?

Oklahoma Sooners 2022 Football Preview

A lot has changed with Oklahoma football over the last year. A lot.

Georgia Southern Eagles 2022 Football Preview

For Nebraska’s third game of 2022, the Huskers face another team that went 3-9 in 2021.

North Dakota F’n Hawks 2022 Football Preview

A decent Division 1-AA team that needs to rebuild much of it’s defense is the opponent for Nebraska’s home opener.

Northwestern Wildcats 2022 Football Preview

The Wildcats are looking to begin bouncing upward from a rebuilding season.


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