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Corn Nation’s Big Ten Conference Rankings - Week Deuce

Penn State v Wisconsin Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Welcome to the second week of the season. Everyone has now played so we have a rough idea of how these teams are. Penn State and Wisconsin slugged it out in cheese land. Iowa showed that it will be a force in the conference this year. Indiana under performed. Ohio State beat up on a good Minnesota team. Oh yeah, Nebraska picked on Fordham.

Other teams also played so here’s a little rundown of the top ten and why each team is where they are at. There was some movement, but not much. Enjoy and vent your frustrations in the comments.

1. Ohio State

Ohio State played a very good Minnesota team and proved they are still Ohio State. Are they vulnerable, yes. But they are coached by one of the top coaches in the nation. It’s good they got this game out of the way early to work on improving the rest of the season.

2. Penn State

Pulled off a win against the Big Ten West’s biggest bully. Question is, can Franklin and his team go an entire season doing this?

3. Iowa

Beat the heck out of Indiana, in football. Still, this is one of the better Iowa teams that we have seen in some time.

4. Wisconsin

Could have beat Penn State and I think they just might if they play again. I will not drop them too far because of the loss.

5. Michigan

Not sure what to make of Michigan yet. As of now they sit here at #5.

6. Minnesota

Yeah, they lost, but they lost to a top 5 ranked Ohio State. They played well and kept the game fairly competitive. I would not be surprised if they crack the top five here later on in the season. Running back Ibrahim is out for the season which might add a loss or two to the schedule, but they have enough talent to overcome.

7. Indiana

Ooooof, Iowa is good but the Hoosiers were supposed to be good too. I doubt they will let this hamper their season too much. Should bounce back well against FCS Idaho this week.

8. Michigan State

Mel Tucker might just be the perfect replacement in East Lansing. He’s got a ways to go but things look good so far.

9. Maryland

Nice win, keep impressing me and you will move up.

10. Rutgers

*See Maryland

11. Northwestern

Northwestern seems to always start the year out rough. This year is no exception. Look at the bright side, at least it was to a conference opponent.

12. Purdue

Wooohoo, you beat Oregon State.

13. Illinois

The Illini beat Nebraska at home and then turn around and lose to UTSA. I have no clue what to think of the bottom quarter of this list right now.

14. Nebraska

I’m sorry, it was Fordham.

NCAA Football: Fordham at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports