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After reading an article on 24/7 Sports, where Paul Finebaum called us "delusional fans" in college football, and here I will quote from the article: "And I'm sick and tired of the delusional Nebraska fans bugging all of us in the media about how important they are, they're not. They're irrelevant and just get used to it because it's not changing under Scott Frost here." (italics mine), I wondered if what he was ranting about in the article had any merit, or was he simply a Nebraska Hater.

They're out there. Nebraska Haters.

Unfortunately, many of us (myself included) have been guilty of contributing to the Nebraska hate. We are very hard on coaches here, and on players. While it is okay for us to critique the games, to criticize decision making and play calls and the actual performance of the players, we need to be careful not to contribute to the "hate." Enough people are in line to try and knock us down, we don't need to help them do it.

As for Finebaum's rant having any merit, well yes, it does. I hope I never sound like a bitter, angry, frustrated person like he does in the article, but Nebraska's performance on the field has not been anywhere near the performance expected of a coach who brought UCF to a 13-0 record and Peach Bowl victory. However, being a Nebraska fan and not a Nebraska Hater (which Finebaum sounds like to me, although he may not be one), and also being a realist who realizes this is not the 90's and Tom Osborne is forever gone from the program, I, like so many of my fellow fans, have set my expectations lower for this season and the next couple of seasons while Nebraska rebuilds.

And that is okay.

We need to hunker down, get behind the coaches and support the players. I believe our team lacks an identity, and in that lack another lack develops: a lack of confidence. They (players) know the eyes of Nebraska are on them, and that those eyes can be very judgmental. If the players know we have their back, we will support them like we have every other team that came before them, perhaps their confidence in themselves will return and we will see some good, then great, performances on the field.

I am glad that Trev Alberts said Scott Frost is not coaching to save his job this year. That would make Coach Frost a desperate man, and desperate men do desperate things with not so good results.

Good luck to Coach Frost and the coaches, players, and staff of my beloved Nebraska Cornhuskers.

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