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Nebraska 52 Fordham 7 Recap

It looked dicey at first, but the Huskers covered

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: AUG 28 Nebraska at Illinois

Alright, let’s do this.

Oliver Martin was also spotted in street clothes.

First Quarter

A poorly blocked swing pass and fumbled exchange started off the game for the Nebraska offense. Drink (times two).

The Husker offense didn’t make it to midfield and punted.

Quinton Newsome sack!

Sigh. Fordham already has more first downs than Nebraska. Dequece Carter is catching EVERYTHING thrown his way for Fordham.

AND SO DOES JOJO! Interception by the super senior Blackshirt.

Surprisingly, that is JoJo’s first career interception.

Markese Stepp relieved Gabe Ervin on this drive and Nebraska thankfully abandoned the passing game they relied on for the first drive and decided to RUN THE DAMN BALL.

Or not - Samori Toure and Austin Allen made hay as Frost stubbornly decided that he was going to teach his team how to swing pass properly (but it was working so I won’t swear quite as much).

Fourth down inside the five yard line....what will Frost do? Gabe Ervin has replaced Stepp.

Touchdown!!! (Adrian Martinez keeper). I’m glad Adrian got the TD, but even I knew he was going to keep the ball before I saw them line up for the play. Big Ten defense won’t let that happen.

Nebraska 7 Fordham 0

The Blackshirts took care of business on this drive and Cam Taylor-Britt fair caught the ball at the Husker 30.

Sevion Morrison has entered the game at RB and had a nice run. But since that was working, we had to go back to other plays.

Three and out for Nebraska.

Fordham is putting together another drive.

Second Quarter

Other coaches, even FCS ones, know that all they have to do is mix things up and play sound football. Nebraska can’t handle anything unexpected. If their pre-snap guess isn’t right, they don’t know how to adjust.

Touchdown Fordham.

Nebraska 7 Fordham 7

Omar Manning was SOOO wide open that Adrian Martinez actually decided to throw it!

But that was the highlight and Connor Culp came out for the field goal attempt on fourth and nine.

Nebraska 10 Fordham 7

In one play, Fordham crosses midfield.

Fourth and one for Fordham...they got it

I think Erin is speaking for all of us...

Chris Kolarevic stuck the tackle to force a fourth and four.


If this tells you my view of this team, I was convinced that once Fordham picked up the ball and looked to pass - that they would pick up the first down.

Martinez to Toure gets the Huskers past midfield in one play. That is Adrian’s best throw so far. Levi Falck grabbed another pass from 2AM.

Markese Stepp is the RB for this drive. (and he is finding his stride)

First penalty for Nebraska - 4:58 in the second quarter. (False start - Omar Manning)

Rushing touchdown for Adrian Martinez!

Nebraska 17 Fordham 7

LOL! Nebraska uses a defensive timeout which negates a Fordham false start penalty. All you can do is laugh anymore.

(I mean, you could throw things at your TV and curse and kick the dog, but it won’t change anything).

Third and nine for Fordham at the Husker 38 with two and a half minutes in the half


Toure gets Nebraska out to midfield. Sevion Morrison is the running back flavor of this drive. Toure catches one on third and seven to get Nebraska inside the 30 with a minute and a half left.



The o-line hasn’t been great so far today, but they did some big boy work on this drive.

Nebraska 24 Fordham 7


Mood check

Husker fans are not quite ready to believe their team can put this one away. They really were hoping to see Smothers or Haarberg in the third quarter, but I’m guessing Frost and Co. need another score or two before they feel like they can do that.

  • Senior receiver Samori Toure caught six passes for 103 yards in the first half and also rushed for 27 yards on two carries. Toure’s 100-yard receiving effort is his first at Nebraska and his ninth career 100-yard receiving game. He had eight 100-yard games at Montana, including six in 2019.
  • Dismuke’s blocked field goal is the first for Nebraska since Randy Gregory blocked a field goal against Minnesota in November of 2014.
  • Cornerback Quinton Newsome recorded a four-yard sack in the first quarter, marking his first career sack.
  • Receiver Omar Manning made his first career start in today’s game.

Third Quarter

Kelen Meyer kicks off for Nebraska (Brendan Franke had done it in the first half). Touchback.

JoJo tackle for loss!

Chalk one up to the crowd - they force a false start penalty on third and five.

Three and out for Fordham.

Disaster. Cam Taylor-Britt muffs the punt and Fordham recovers.

This play was so disastrous that the coaches put Braxton Clark in for Taylor-Britt on defense. It is a good move as I’m sure #5 does not have his head in a good place right now.


Fordham is forced to use a timeout on third and eight on the Husker 33.


He was hurt on the play (get well soon)

Aaaand the coaches choose Markese Stepp for this series. He gets Nebraska to midfield quickly.

Martinez to Manning - this is what Nebraska fans had hoped to see!

What the Husker offensive line feels like right now...

A funky exchange between Martinez and Stepp on first and goal is stuffed at the one.


Welcome to Nebraska Mr. Brewington. He is one of the players the coaches moved from wideout to tight end when all those injuries happened in fall camp. It is good to see a team player like that get the call.

Nebraska 31 Fordham 7

Three and out for Nebraska. Brody Belt was back as return man. I’m pretty sure he was told to NOT touch that ball NO MATTER WHAT.

Running back roulette for this drive lands on Sevion Morrison.

AUSTIN ALLEN! He is tall. Drink.

Fourth and fifth at the Nebraska 42. After trying to draw Fordham offsides, the Huskers call timeout.

The offense came back out on the field and SAMORI TOURE!! to the 12.


I’ve used this gif already, but it still holds up.

Connor Culp has been perfect so far today.

Nebraska 38 Fordham 7

This marks five straight drives ending in touchdowns. #ThisIsWhatWeWanted

Fordham punts and Nebraska gets a look at Logan Smothers. Running back roulette lands on Rahmir Johnson.

Fourth and two. Nebraska gains three.

Alante Brown sighting!

Fourth Quarter

Sevion Morrison is back in (he fumbled but was down before the ball came out and the Huskers recovered anyway). First and goal Nebraska.

Morrison touchdown!!

Nebraska 45 Fordham 7

The Husker defense forced a punt. Nash Hutmacher sighting! Brody Belt was back to receive the punt again, and still appeared to be under orders to get nowhere near it.

Logan Smothers was leading the offense down the field - but then he fumbled. Fordham recovered. Smothers now will remember to just go down on a play like that in the future.

Fourth and five for Fordham with 9:13 left in the game and Brody Belt fair caught the ball.

Running back roulette - Marvin Scott III.

Jac Yant sighting (running back roulette continues).

Marvin Scott touchdown!!

Nebraska 52 Fordham 7