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September 2021: The Scott Frost SITREP - Are Things On Fire? Or Just Smoking?

Where are we at right now?

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Buffalo v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

I thought I’d put a stake in the ground about where I’m at regarding Scott Frost. That way we can all look back someday and laugh!


Should Frost be fired? Should his assistants? Maybe firing is too good for them. Maybe they should be burned at the stake.

Is he on a hot seat? Is it hotter than it was after the Illinois game?


Yes, it’s a video. It’s not long, so I hope you watch.

One item I’d like to emphasize for discussion:

When we look at how other coaches are doing, we pick the programs who have coaches come in and be successful within a season. A good example of that is Mel Tucker at Michigan State. He has the Spartans rolling. He’s doing a good job. Another - Greg Schiano at Rutgers. He has them moving in the right direction.

We point these out when we want to point out how much Frost has failed, while we conveniently ignore Tennessee, Florida State, Miami, and Texas - all programs who continue to fail despite hiring and firing coaches in succession.

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