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Corn Nation’s Big Ten Rankings - Week Five

Rutgers v Michigan Photo by Gaelen Morse/Getty Images

Woof, I’m not sure what to make of the Big Ten after this past weekend. Ohio State is still probably the best, but how good are they? Michigan is 4-0 and not many people have a lot of faith in them. Wisconsin blew a fourth quarter lead to Notre Dame.

Oh yeah, Nebraska still falls on it’s face. But we all knew that.

There was a bit of shuffling this week but even some of the losses didn’t drop teams too far. The Big Ten East has the top three spots which shouldn’t be to anyone’s surprise. Maryland is still quietly moving up while it’s best buddy Rutgers took one on the chin this weekend.

1. Penn “I’m here because no one else wanted to be” State (4-0 Overall 1-0 Big Ten)

Smacked FCS Villanova on Saturday. Just keep doing what you’re doing there. You may just find yourself at the top of Mount Nittany when it’s all said and done.

2. Ohio State (3-1 Overall 1-0 Big Ten)

Ohio State has pissed off linebackers.

3. Michigan (4-0 Overall 1-0 Big Ten)

Yes, I’m putting Michigan in at #3. Come at me bro!

4. Iowa (4-0 Overall 1-0 Big Ten)

Iowa dropped in my rankings from #1 to #4. I had a change of mind in regards to how I view the Hawkeyes this past weekend.

5. Michigan State (4-0 Overall 2-0 Big Ten)

Michigan State beat a Nebraska team that beat them on the field. Mel Tucker has done a good job so far in East Lansing but just wait until the meat of their schedule comes around. I think this is about as high of ranking as we will see for Sparty. Also, Michigan is higher ranked than you.

6. Maryland (4-0 Overall 1-0 Big Ten)

They keep winning so they keep moving up. Right in time for the conference slate to commence. Their first big test will be against Iowa this Friday. I still have not watched a single down they have played this year.

7. Wisconsin (1-2 Overall 0-1 Big Ten)

Notre Dame is good, but not 31 points in the 4th quarter good.

8. Rutgers (3-1 Overall 0-1 Big Ten)

They lost to Michigan. With that said, Schiano has something going in the state of New Jersey. They will bite some in the east. (Pssssst, Rutgers is a “sleeping giant”...*giggle*)

9. Minnesota (2-2 Overall 0-1 Big Ten)

I have no clue what is going on in the Twin cities. Bowling Green is not a team that one should lose to. Question is, can PJ clean this team up?

10. Indiana (2-2 Overall 0-1 Big Ten)

Indiana barely beat Western Kentucky. What happened to the 2020 Hoosiers?

11. Purdue (3-1 Overall 0-0 Big Ten)

Barley beat Illinois and should probably be ranked higher due to the record. I just do not have faith in the Boilermakers keeping this up.

12. Northwestern (2-2 Overall 0-1 Big Ten)

Beat up on a hapless Ohio team. Can they take down fellow bottom dweller Nebraska in prime time?

13. Nebraska (2-3 Overall 0-2 Big Ten)

Hello darkness my old....wait, we live here now. Anyone know a person who does a really good job with canned lights? We need more canned lights down here.

14. Illinois (1-4 Overall 1-2 Big Ten)

How, how did you beat Nebraska?