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Nebraska vs Michigan State: Three Things We Learned

An amazing performance by the Blackshirts is scuttled by mistakes in the other two phases of the game.

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Michigan State Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Another overtime loss. A winnable game on the road vs a ranked opponent.

Still a loss.

What did I learn this week?

We’ve reached a new plateau of futility and heartbreak

Rather than getting embarrassed by ranked teams, the Huskers are now playing well enough to win, but finding maddening ways to lose.

Heads should roll if special teams doesn’t bcome a priority

There are limits to how much of this can be fixed during the season. Culp getting over the yips, can. Fixing the return defense or returns will be harder. The best to expect this season is to limit damage. We’ve already seen that. It is costly for Nebraska to let every punt bounce and drop without being touched, but it is less costly than the mistakes that were happening in the first three games.

If special teams doesn’t receive some significant attention this offseason, that will be coaching malpractice.

Muchachos needs to begin serving the Pipeline burrito wrapped in a yellow flag

The offensive line was again plagued by poor play and penalties. It isn’t hard to imagine that these two things are related. If the communication is cleaned up, there should be fewer penalties but also better play. Take heart Husker fans, this group is young and they will get better.

Back to back false start penalties seems like something that should have a menu item named after it. What food would you name in “honor” of such crappiness? (Of course the you can get two of them for $10).


Blackshirts. All of them.

By now you’ve surely seen the drive chart for the Sparans in the second half.

Adrian Martinez

#2 is playing some excellent football right now. Even without an offensive line keeping him clean.