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Five Reasons Nebraska Will Win: Michigan State

The Huskers are going to give the Spartans their first loss this season.

Nebraska v Michigan State Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

Last week the Huskers hung tight with No. 3 Oklahoma, but couldn’t pull it off in the end. This week, as Nebraska travels to face another ranked opponent, there is going to be a much sweeter result.

Here are your reasons why:


Nebraska fans have developed some pretty strong feelings about Martinez over the last three years, but he is the guy that is going to get the job done in East Lansing. He has already surpassed 1,000 yards passing for the season. He had a season high 289 passing yards against Oklahoma, the best pass rushing defense in the country. We also know that he can beat a defense with his quick feet. He has more accurate downfield passing and is hitting his big targets. Let’s look at this beauty again:

More than just stats though, Martinez exudes leadership and heart. He has it in him to put the game on his shoulders and will the Huskers to a win.


To go along with Martinez, there are some dynamic receivers that are going to help the Huskers this weekend. Samori Toure has 333 yards on 16 catches and has shown his big play ability. We’ve also seen some great catches from Zavier Betts and Omar Manning. A combination of these three is going to be too much for the MSU defense.


The Husker defense has shown that they are able to contain offenses and make stops when needed. Last week they were able to keep Oklahoma, whose offense is known for big plays, in check. This week they are going to hone in on the Spartan’s run game and get some well timed take aways to give the Huskers a victory.


Michigan State is looking like a much improved team and Mel Tucker has this team looking good. They are undefeated through 3 games, including last week’s win over then #24 Miami. Things really seem to be going Michigan State’s way. That’s okay though, because the Huskers have a history of ruining things for the Spartans.

Let’s go back to 2015, I know you all remember undefeated and #7 ranked Michigan State comes to unranked Nebraska and walks away with a shocking loss. While I know the Husker’s last touchdown was controversial, it still counted. Thank you Brandon Reilly.


I’m sure you all remember the last time that the Huskers faced Mel Tucker. If not, let me help you out. Colorado 2019. The Buffs ended up winning in overtime. Not this time Mel Tucker not this time. Scott Frost and the Huskers owe Tucker a bitter loss and that’s what is going to happen this week in East Lansing.

The Huskers are getting their first BIG win on Saturday.