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Samori Toure: A Scouting Perspective

How does Toure project to the NFL?

Buffalo v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

This summer I took a look at Samori Toure’s performance against Southeastern Louisiana in the FCS playoffs to get a glimpse of what he could offer here at Nebraska. And through three games we’ve seen the impact Toure has provided, giving Adrian Martinez a true go to receiver. For this week’s Scouting Perspective article I took a look at Toure in his performance against Buffalo from the eyes of the NFL.

Route Running

Toure is a smooth route runner who is at his best when he’s working downfield. Lacking elite speed Toure has a knack for getting behind defenders and into open spaces. A smooth runner, he’s able to make slight cuts at top speed that catches defenses off balance and allows him to get by. When Toure has to make a hard change of direction it will slow him down and allow the defender to stick with him.


Winning jump balls doesn’t seem like something that Toure is going to be doing on a consistent basis, but overall he has shown not only good hands but the ability to track the ball down the field. On the flagged wheel route that would have been Nebraska’s first score Toure showed the ability to reach out and pluck the ball from in front of him. While on a second half ball down the seam Toure was able to track the ball and adjust while running underneath it.

NFL Projection

Toure may not have huge stats but he has shown that he belongs playing major college football. Lacking elite or even good physical traits Toure is still able to make plays down the field. However because he is limited as an athlete that really limits his overall potential. Toure projects as a day three pick and could be viewed as an NFL teams 4th or 5th receiver who has a major role on special teams.