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Week 3 Cobs: Four False Starts, Negative Rushing Yards and a Tipping Airplane

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Have you ever seen an airplane tipped onto its tail?

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The football gods blessed with a plethora of cobs in Week 3 of College football. Let’s do a little dance to celebrate! Here we go!

Maryland Defensive Back Lavonte Gater

This might be the most blatant targeting you will see this season.

Lewiston Airport Grounds Crew

USC football flew into Lewiston, Idaho before their game in Pullman, Washington against Washington State. Let’s just say things got a bit tipsy as the team was disembarking. The crew forgot to put up the tail stand for this aircraft. How do you let something like this happen?


Imagine getting blanked by the Gophers and finishing the game with 63 total yards (and -19 rushing yards). That’s what happened to the Buffaloes last week. It’s going to be a rough season in Boulder.


Northern Arizona started the season with 42-16 loss to Sam Houston State followed by a 34-6 loss to South Dakota. Then the Lumberjacks roll into the Tucson and the unthinkable happens. Is this the biggest upset of the college football season so far?

Arizona State

You might be wondering why Arizona State gets a cob nomination for a 10 point loss to BYU so let’s look at the finer details. Sparky committed four turnovers (including the crazy one below) and 16 penalties (!) for 121 yards. This includes FOUR false starts in SIX plays for their offensive line. This makes me frustrated just reading that so I can only imagine how Arizona State fans feel about it.


The Bruins came into this game firing on all cylinders with hopes of a good season ahead. The Bulldogs made sure that didn’t happen in what turned out to be a wild finish. UCLA has now lost not once...not twice but three times in a row to Fresno State. Ouch.

SEC Refs

The SEC Refs were absolutely brutal this week. Here are two unbelievably incompetent mistakes they made in two different matchups that completed changed the outlook of these games.

The first one came from the Mississippi State-Memphis game. I’ve never seen something so bad happen before.

The SEC officials quickly mention that the refs at the game made the wrong call and they also missed another penalty in which two Memphis players with the same number were on the field.

The SEC refs in the Auburn-Penn State game also lost track of which down it was, which led to the Nitany Lions punting on third down.

They also made a horrible spot on this crucial play for Penn State. Horrible day all around for SEC refs.

We have an incredible selection of cob nominations for Week 3 of College Football but unfortunately you can only pick one.


Who is your Cob Nomination for Week 3?

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    Lavonte Gater
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    Lewiston Airport Grounds Crew
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    Arizona State
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    SEC Refs
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Another lowlight from the Maryland-Illinois game was quarterback Brandon Peters making this incomprehensible decision to throw to an ineligible receiver. I left it off the cob nominations for this week but it’s still worth an honorable mention.

A Hail Mary caps off a crazy finish to the SMU-Louisiana Tech game. Knock down that ball!