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Corn Nation’s Big Ten Rankings - Week Four

The B1G is going to eat itself alive

Auburn v Penn State Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Well folks, we have a shakeup at the top of the rankings and there was subtle movement in the middle. The bottom of this conference does not look very good but there is always room for improvement.


  • Iowa is princess of the ball this week but I don’t expect them to stay there.
  • Penn State has earned their stripes so far this season. How far will it take them?
  • Anyone else curious how good MSU, Rutgers, and Maryland are?
  • Take a nice long breath Ohio State fans. It is early in the season.
  • I like Minnesota. They’re not world beaters but they punch up enough to make teams take note.
  • Mel Tucker, Big Ten COTY?
  • For the first time this year we have an entire state bringing up the rear with Illinois but might have competition with the State of Indiana if they Hoosiers and Boilermakers don’t get their acts together soon.

Enjoy this weeks rankings, folks.

1. Iowa (3-0 Overall 1-0 Big Ten)

Okay, I’m not 100% that this Hawkeye team is the best in the conference. Iowa played well enough to be a top three team in here. In all honesty, I think any of these three teams could be #1. Expect some shuffling over the next few weeks and we get into the meat of the conference schedule.

2. Ohio State (2-1 Overall 1-0 Big Ten)

People are really starting to doubt the Buckeyes. I still think this squad has what it takes to be the top team in the conference once again. There is too much talent and the coach staff is still very good for them not to fix their problems in the upcoming weeks.

3. Penn State (3-0 Overall 1-0 Big Ten)

Nice win at home against a talented Auburn team. It is a tough road ahead for the Nittany Lions as they only have one or two cupcake games left this year. Enjoy the frosting that comes with Villanova.

4. Wisconsin (1-1 Overall 0-1 Big Ten)

It was a bye week so I’m comfortable keeping them here for now. Penn State’s win over nationally ranked Auburn makes the Badger’s loss to the Nittany Lions look better. Now, can they beat a good yet vulnerable Notre Dame squad this week?

5. Michigan (3-0 Overall 0-0 Big Ten)

Michigan is doing what they are supposed to be doing, so far. Big game against the mighty Rutgers next week to start off Big Ten play. I think we will have a better idea of how each team is after that.

6. Minnesota (2-1 Overall 0-1 Big Ten)

Hey, they know how to beat the Buffs.

7. Michigan State (3-0 Overall 1-0 Big Ten)

Just wait, Sparty might be doing some ranking jumps here in the next couple of weeks. Mel Tucker has this squad humming and is quietly turning into a dark horse in the East.

8. Maryland (3-0 Overall 1-0 Big Ten)

I’m starting to think this team might be good?

9. Rutgers (3-0 Overall 0-0 Big Ten)

*See Maryland

10. Indiana (1-2 Overall 0-1 Big Ten)

Indiana is a baseball school.

11. Purdue (2-1 Overall 0-0 Big Ten)

I am honestly not sure what to make of this team right now. I think they might be good? I mean, they smoked Oregon State and UCONN. Both of which are in the tank. They then followed it up with a somewhat respectable loss to Notre Dame. I’m not sure what to make of this team. The jury is still out on the Boilermakers.

12. Nebraska (2-2 Overall 0-1 Big Ten)

There’s a defense here. Not sure much else. Yes, they lost to OU but they did better against the Sooners than Northwestern did against Duke. Thus, they get a jump in rankings. Nice to see Omar Manning get a touchdown.

13. Northwestern (1-2 Overall 0-1 Big Ten)

This is not a good Pat Fizgerald lead team. Just watch, they will somehow end up winning the West.

14. Illinois (1-3 Overall 1-1 Big Ten)

Bret’s welcome party lasted exactly one week.