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Nebraska is Swept at Home by Louisville

An almost unrecognizable Husker team loses in straight sets.

Scott Bruhn

Nebraska (6-3) vs Louisville (10-0) - 17-25, 20-25, 18-25

The frustration was clear on the Nebraska side of the net and bench. There were no answers to the offense and defense that Louisville brought to Devaney. They had more digs, blocks and kills than Nebraska. The stats tell the story on the scoreboard.

Coach Cook is clearly searching for players that execute but the variable line ups seem to only be regressing. They have three losses since the win against Creighton on September 8 and that was really the last time we saw Nebraska play close to their potential.

Serve receive passing was constantly off the net. Nicklin Hames was on the run often. When she wasn’t, her sets to the middle were low and led them into Louisville blockers. The hitters all struggled to find rhythm.

Coach Cook said after the match that “we imploded on our side”. He talked to the team about the season ahead and told them that “three days from now we start the B10 and that is the starts the next season. We have to get a lot better. We aren’t playing as a team. We are trained to do a lot better than that. It is a mindset to trust our training”.

Next for Nebraska is Northwestern on the road. They play on Wednesday September 22 at 8 pm on BTN and Husker Radio Networks.