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Oklahoma Leading Nebraska 7-3 At Half

Pretty good game so far!

Nebraska v Oklahoma Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

The pregame has been interesting. Oklahoma decided in warmups that they’d cross the field into Nebraska territory. If Nebraska wasn’t interested in playing this game before, they’d sure as hell better be now.

Oklahoma 7 - Nebraska 0

Decent drive by OU, Nebraska’s defense had their chances to get the Sooners off the field lots of stuff going on on that 3rd and 7. Probably a blindside block, but these are Big Ten officials and we should expect less than zero from them.

No real big plays, but picked up a first down on 3rd and 11.

Sooners score their opening drive TD.

Rushing Touchdown Scored by Rattler,Spencer

Scoring Drive: 14 plays, 75 yards, 06:58

PAT Kick by Brkic,Gabe Good

This looks like a blindside block to me but whatever.

Oklahoma 7 - Nebraska 3

Nebraska starts the game with two false start penalties in a row. Nebraska picked up a 3rd and 12, and a 4th and 3, and did a decent job of moving the ball despite shooting one of its feet off. Omar Manning had a nice 31-yard reception to pick up that 3rd and 12.

There were 30 yards of penalties on the offensive line in that starting drive. Connor Culp hit a 51-yard field goal.

Nebraska 51 yd FG

Scoring Drive: 14 plays, 42 yards, 06:41

Oklahoma 7, Nebraska 3, 1:21 1Q.


Both teams have missed long field goals. Both teams have had unsuccessful drives. Nebraska’s defense seems to be holding up pretty well. The offense has executed okay, gaining first downs.

That’s three scoreless drives for the Blackshirts after the opening touchdown.

Sooners punt sets up Nebraska at its own 4-yard line with 4:40 left in the first half.

Nebraska picked up a 3rd and 11 with a nice run, but the drive stalls. Will Przystup gets off a 48-yard punt. Add a holding call and Oklahoma starts on their 10.

Half Stats


Very good half for Nebraska after a terrible start with penalties. Huskers played pretty well in each phase of the game. Neither team really doing YOLO yet, should be a great second half.