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Friday Flakes: Can Nebraska Score Enough to Beat Oklahoma? Maybe. Plus Norm MacDonald

Supposedly they need to score at least 35 points to have a chance.

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Buffalo v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Depending upon who you ask, it appears that the magic number that Nebraska need to get to in order to beat Oklahoma is in the middle to upper 30s.

Sam McKewon, of the Omaha World-Herald, said his number is 35. Adam McClintock threw out the number 37.

There are likely more Nebraska fans who believe Nebraska could hold Oklahoma’s offense to that number compared to Nebraska fans who believe Scott Frost’s offense could even approach scoring 35-40 points against Oklahoma.

I mean, when you only score 22 against Illinois and 28 against Buffalo then how in the world could you reasonably expect Nebraska to score 40 on Oklahoma?

My hope? They’ll have more opportunities to score. They should have more possessions.

Two weeks ago Tulane took Oklahoma to the wire. Oklahoma got the win but the final score was 40-35. Here are the following time of possessions for Oklahoma’s scoring drives in that game:

  • 11 plays, 75 yards - 05:16
  • 5 plays, 75 yards - 2:06
  • 9 plays, 84 yards - 4:53
  • 4 plays, 2 yards - 0:49
  • 4 plays (#) yards - 0:53
  • 7 plays, 78 yards - 3:03
  • 3 plays, 2 yards - 0:30
  • 7 plays, 37 yards - 2:30

There are a few longer possessions but as you can see Oklahoma isn’t going to wait around and drain the clock. So Nebraska should have enough opportunities to put up 35-40 points. Now will the defense be able to hold down the Sooners enough for the offense to be within striking distance at the end?


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The Best Things I Saw On The Internet This Week

RIP Norm McDonald

A friend of mine who has been a Norm MacDonald fan for a long time told me he didn’t realize I was such a big fan of Norm and his comedy. This was after hearing about the news of Norm’s passing as I was sharing on twitter some of these great videos.

It was true that it took me a really long time to appreciate Norm. Way too long. It was comparable to my relatively recent admiration for Kobe Bryant. It wasn’t until the last couple of seasons of Kobe’s career did I allow myself to really enjoy how good he was.

And like Kobe, it all the sudden ended way too soon.

Comedians play an extremely underrated role in our society. If they are doing it right they should make you question certain things. They should challenge you. They should make you laugh. Norm definitely did that.

Unfortunately like Kobe, I was late to the party and it sucks.

There aren’t many comedians who are revered by almost all other fellow comedians. Norm may be one of the last ones.

Bob Saget Posts Video Recalling Longtime Friend Norm Macdonald – Deadline
“I talked to him a week before the roast and, and he said, ‘I can’t say mean things about you because you’re my friend,'” Saget recalls, remembering that Macdonald had warned that he planned to instead “read jokes from a ’40s joke book.” Even though Saget advised his friend to toss in some cursing in keeping with the Comedy Central mood, Macdonald “chose the path of dignity.”