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Scott Frost Day News: The Real Game of the Century

Plus, the IgNobel awards are out, more 9/11 remembrances, and a cat went to a football game - what could possibly go wrong?

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NCAA Photos Archive

The next game for the Huskers is against our old Big 12 SEC Big Eight rivals, Oklahoma. This season is the 50th anniversary of the “Game of the Century”. The real one. Other games have tried to use that moniker, but they are wrong.

There have been other really amazing college football games where top-ranked teams battle it out in the regular season, but Nebraska-Oklahoma 1971 was a true battle of the titans. It had everything, including epic special teams play (Note to younger Husker fans: we used to be on the positive side of those once upon a time).

This is a Husker blog, so you are likely to agree with me about the true Game of the Century, but in case you need ammunition for your less-believing family members. Or worse, that neighbor who is an Iowa fan, here is a collection of articles that agree with me. These come from national outlets, not local or team sources.

I rest my case.

College football GAMES OF THE CENTURY, ranked - Banner Society
Every few years, we get a game of the century. Let’s codify that a little bit and see which GAMES OF THE CENTURY are truly OF THE CENTURY.

College football’s best games of all time rankings - Sports Illustrated
In honor of the 150th anniversary of college football, we ranked the best games in the history of the sport.

The Huskers-Sooners 1971 did not get ranked as the best game of all time, but SI still kept the “Game of the Century” title with it.

The 150 greatest games in college football’s 150-year history
A blue-ribbon panel of 150 experts selects the best games in the sport’s history, from 1971 Oklahoma-Nebraska to Toledo-Western Michigan in 2011.

Frosted Flakes

Husker Legend Mick Tingelhoff Passes Away - University of Nebraska
Cornhusker legend Mick Tingelhoff passed away on Saturday at the age of 81. A native Nebraskan and three-year Husker letterwinner, Tingelhoff had a remarkable NFL career that led to his induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2015.

Buffalo Bulls vs. Nebraska Cornhuskers Results, Stats, and Recap - September 11, 2021 Gametracker -
Before Saturday, it had been two years since Nebraska won consecutive games.

Nebraska football: Scott Frost identifies Huskers’ keys to Oklahoma upset
Nebraska could really use a statement win under Scott Frost. After three straight years of losing seasons — and a loss to Illinois to open 2021 — a notable victory could go a long way towards inspiring some hope.

Burroughs, Green Qualify for World Championships - University of Nebraska
Lincoln, Neb. – Former Husker greats Jordan Burroughs and James Green secured a spot on the U.S. team and will compete at the 2021 Senior World Championships on

NU Drops Non-Conference Finale to Arizona - University of Nebraska
Tucson, Ariz. – The Nebraska soccer team (4-4-0) concluded its final weekend of non-conference action with a hard-fought 3-2 loss against Arizona (3-3-0) at Mulcahy

Nebraska man kayaking down the entire Missouri River to bring awareness to climate change | SiouxlandProud | Sioux City, IA | News, Weather, and Sports
SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — More than 50 days ago, Graham Jordison was dropped off by his dad in Three Forks, Montana, right where the Missouri River begins. There, he planned to set off on his kayak, and paddle 2,341 miles down the Missouri River. “It’s been incredibly challenging, I’ve been out on the water […]

On a Defense Trending Up, a Quarterback Firing Downfield, Nebraska’s Run Game, the Option (!!!), and More - Nebraska Football | Hail Varsity
Nebraska’s defense is unyielding in the fourth. Adrian Martinez is dealing. The run game is off. Samori Touré is on. THE OPTION! Derek Peterson has more.

Sportin’ Stuff Outside the 402/308

US Open: Shelby Rogers braces for online abuse after loss to Raducanu
Shelby Rogers has been around the tennis tour long enough to know the routine after a big win — and, sadly, what awaits after an ugly loss.

The All-Time Leading Scorer In Women’s College Basketball Is Finally Getting Her Due | FiveThirtyEight
Pearl Moore scored 3,884 points for Francis Marion College, near her native Florence, South Carolina, and another 177 points during one semester at Anderson Jun…

Running guide surprises visually impaired sprinter with proposal at Tokyo Paralympics
Visually impaired Paralympian Keula Nidreia Pereira Semedo of Cape Verde gleefully accepted a surprise wedding proposal from her guide after a 200-meter race.

10 things I’m absolutely overreacting to after Week 2 in the B1G
Thirteen hours. That’s how long B1G football games stretched across last Saturday, allowing fans to consume pigskin with their biscuits ‘n’ gravy and morning mimosas through that delicious victory steak and a glass of red wine.

Urban Meyer won’t get much sympathy in NFL; this is what he wanted
Jags’ debacle against Texans should show coach Urban Meyer he can’t operate as he did in college. Nothing he’s done so far has shown he realizes that.

Italian Grand Prix: Lewis Hamilton says ‘halo’ safety system saved his life in crash - BBC Sport
Lewis Hamilton says Formula 1’s ‘halo’ safety device saved his life in his crash at the Italian Grand Prix.

Against Kids’ Sports - by Anne Helen Petersen - Culture Study
When I was in second grade my mom signed me up to play Boys and Girls Club co-ed soccer. The cost, according to my mom’s memory, was around $60, with scholarship available.

There’s More to Life than Sports

Mysterious object called 'The Accident' has been careening through the Milky Way for 10 billion years | Live Science
It's not quite a star, and it's not quite a planet — but it's soaring through the Milky Way, much closer than we thought.

Scientists Identify Seven Species of Spotted Skunks, and They All Do Handstands Before They Spray | Science | Smithsonian Magazine
Researchers analyzed hundreds of spotted skunk specimens to classify the animals

A Brief History of Pickles | Mental Floss
From ancient Mesopotamia to New York deli counters, pickles have played a vital role in the global culinary scene. But where do pickles come from, and how did the cucumber become the standard-issue pickling vegetable in the States?

Old, tired and rich: Big Tech founders have left the building - Axios
Most of today's tech giants are no longer run by their founders.

Research on beards, wads of gum wins 2021 Ig Nobel prizes
Beards aren't just cool and trendy — they might also be an evolutionary development to help protect a man's delicate facial bones from a punch to the face. That's the conclusion of a trio of scientists from the University of Utah who are among the winners of this year's Ig Nobel prizes, the Nobel Prize spoofs that honor — or maybe dishonor, depending on your point of view — strange scientific discoveries.

Malawi Inventor Lights Up His Whole Village Basically for Free–Starting With a Bicycle and a River
Colrerd Nkosi is a tinkerer who created an electric turbine out of junk for his Malawi village that uses the river to power up all the homes.

Some of the most iconic 9/11 news coverage is lost. Blame Adobe Flash - CNN
Journalism is often considered the first draft of history, but what happens when that draft is written on a software program that becomes obsolete?

Judge in Fortnite case loosens Apple’s control over App Store | Apple | The Guardian
Tech giant ordered to let developers steer buyers elsewhere, as judge finds Apple engaged in ‘anticompetitive conduct’ over app store purchases

Cows Zebras Gone Wild

Escaped zebras bamboozle Maryland officials: ‘They’re just too fast’ | Maryland | The Guardian
Five animals roam neighbourhoods after fleeing private farm as officials struggle to catch them

Another Week - Another Poop Article

IRobot’s new Roomba uses AI to avoid smearing dog poop all over your house - CNN
IRobot, the company that makes the Roomba, is trying to eliminate messy accidents with the use of artificial intelligence. On Thursday iRobot announced a new Roomba robot vacuum cleaner called the j7+ that uses AI to spot and stay away from pet poop and power cords.

Then There’s This

EXCERPT: 20 years on, 'The Falling Man' is still you and me
The following account from Associated Press photographer Richard Drew is excerpted from the book “September 11: The 9/11 Story, Aftermath and Legacy,” an in-depth look at AP’s coverage of 9/11 and the events that followed.

Fighter pilot reflects on would-be 9/11 suicide mission - ABC News
As the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks were unfolding, then-Air Force Lt. Heather Penney was given a mission to intercept hijacked United Airlines Flight 93 before it reached Washington, D.C. The rookie F-16 pilot said she believed she would not come back from that mission.