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Saturday Morning Thread of 9/11 Remembrance

It’s not just time that’s removed us from that day.

One of our writers asked if we were going to do anything about 9/11.

I said we should, then we really didn’t. I realized earlier this week that my memories of what happened that day are fuzzy at best. Rather than recalling the specific event - where I was, how I reacted - I’d rather emphasize how I felt because I remember that.

The nation united together more than I ever thought possible. We were all together, and even our allies stood with us. There was a general feeling of “We’re all in this together”.

It’s not the passage of time that’s changed that feeling. It’s how separated we’ve become. We’ve allowed this. It isn’t because we elected dirtbags to government. It isn’t because the media has mislead us.

It’s because we have placed more loyalty in our club memberships than we do ourselves, and those loyalties have allowed us to dehumanize those who aren’t members of our club.

It’s like we never left high school. We frown on bullying these days but we don’t have a problem doing it to those who aren’t members of our club. In fact, we encourage it, and then we act surprised when they respond in like kind.

We do this because it takes less time and effort to belittle another than it does to under who they are and why they think the way they do even if they are the polar opposite of who we are.

Perhaps it will take another incident like 9/11 to bring us back together. Even then, I wonder if it would be enough. Could we be compassionate enough to hold hands with those around us, or would we seek to blame?

Here are your games today:

Saturday Games

Game Time Channel
Game Time Channel
Illinois at Virginia 10:00 AM ACC Network / ESPN Video
Western Kentucky at Army 10:30 AM CBSSN / CBS Video
Alabama State at Auburn 11:00 AM SEC Network / ESPN Video
Indiana State at Northwestern 11:00 AM BTN alternate / FOX Video
Kennesaw State at Georgia Tech 11:00 AM ACC RSN / ESPN Extra / espn3 Video
Miami Ohio at Minnesota 11:00 AM ESPNU / ESPN Video
Oregon at Ohio State 11:00 AM FOX (cable) / FOX Video / 4K on DTV: 105
Pittsburgh at Tennessee 11:00 AM ESPN / ESPN Video
Point at Morehead State 1:00 PM ESPN Extra / espn3 Video
South Carolina at East Carolina 11:00 AM ESPN2 / ESPN Video
Tulsa at Oklahoma State 11:00 AM FS1 / FOX Video
Youngstown State at Michigan State 11:00 AM BTN / FOX Video
Florida at South Florida 12:00 PM ABC (cable) / espn3 Video
Duquesne at Ohio 1:00 PM ESPN Extra / espn3 Video
Rutgers at Syracuse 1:00 PM ACC Network / ESPN Video
Purdue at UConn 2:00 PM CBSSN / CBS Video
Robert Morris at Central Michigan 2:00 PM ESPN Extra / espn3 Video
Air Force at Navy 2:30 PM CBS (cable) / CBS Video
Ball State at Penn State 2:30 PM FS1 / FOX Video
Boston College at UMass 2:30 PM NESN / $Flo Video
Buffalo at Nebraska 2:30 PM BTN / FOX Video
California at TCU 2:30 PM ESPNU / ESPN Video
Colorado vs. Texas A&M (in Denver) 2:30 PM FOX (cable) / FOX Video / 4K on DTV: 106
UAB at Georgia 2:30 PM ESPN2 / ESPN Video / 4K on DTV: 108
Maine at James Madison 3:00 PM NBCSWA+ *4 (channel finder) / $Flo Video
Mercer at Alabama 3:00 PM SEC Network / ESPN Video
Iowa at Iowa State 3:30 PM ABC (cable) / espn3 Video
Illinois State at Western Michigan 4:00 PM ESPN Extra / espn3 Video
SC State at Clemson 4:00 PM ACC Network / ESPN Video
Portland State at Washington State 5:00 PM Pac-12 / Pac-12 Video
Houston at Rice 5:30 PM CBSSN / CBS Video
Appalachian State at Miami 6:00 PM ESPNU / ESPN Video
Eastern Michigan at Wisconsin 6:00 PM FS1 / FOX Video
Lindenwood at South Dakota State 6:00 PM ESPN Extra / espn3 Video / Midco (cable)
NC State at Mississippi State 6:00 PM ESPN2 / ESPN Video
Tennessee State at Jackson State 6:00 PM ESPN Extra / espn3 Video
Texas at Arkansas 6:00 PM ESPN / ESPN Video / Skycast Video
Western Carolina at Oklahoma 6:00 PM PPV / BSSW+ / $Video
Georgia State at North Carolina 6:30 PM ACC RSN / ESPN Extra / espn3 Video
Howard at Maryland 6:30 PM BTN alternate / FOX Video
Idaho at Indiana 6:30 PM BTN / FOX Video
Missouri at Kentucky 6:30 PM SEC Network / ESPN Video
Jacksonville State at Florida State 7:00 PM ACC Network / ESPN Video
Washington at Michigan 7:00 PM ABC (cable) / espn3 Video / Skycast Video
San Diego State at Arizona 9:00 PM Pac-12 / Pac-12 Video
Vanderbilt at Colorado State 9:00 PM CBSSN / CBS Video
Utah at BYU 9:15 PM ESPN / ESPN Video
Stanford at USC 9:30 PM FOX (cable) / FOX Video / 4K on DTV: 106
UNLV at Arizona State 9:30 PM ESPN2 / ESPN Video
Hawaii at Oregon State 10:00 PM FS1 / FOX Video