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Five Reasons Nebraska Will Win: Buffalo

Another week another win for the Huskers

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: AUG 28 Nebraska at Illinois

The Huskers won last week and are ready to add another tally to the win column this week against Buffalo.

Here are the five reasons the Huskers will be victorious:


It seems that Nebraska has found a kicker that can kick it into the end zone. This has been missing for awhile. So far this year Nebraska’s touchback percentage is 86.7 percent putting them at 14th nationally. Last year this percentage was 30 percent. Out of 15 total kicks so far this season the Huskers have only allowed one return for 9 yards.


Winning begets more winning. Last week Nebraska came together and showed us some of what they can do. While it was not a perfect game, they took care of business after the first quarter and let us enjoy the game. This also allowed the team to prove to themselves that they could come together and make some good plays in a game situation. Last week’s win brings the confidence needed to come out victorious this week.


Last week we were able to see what the Huskers’ running game can look like. Markese Stepp showed that he can power through the defense and pick up the yards after contact. This week Nebraska is going to wear down Buffalo with a consistent running game. Stepp, Ervin, Johnson, and Morrison may all be used to beat the heat and tire out the Bulls defense.


The Husker defense had 3 interceptions last week and you could tell they were hungry for more. This week we are going to see the defense step up again and create some take aways to help win this game. I’m looking forward to seeing them get more pressure on the quarterback and forcing some fumbles.


Buffalo has a first year head coach and lost a lot of players last season. The growing pains with a new coach and new players can be rough and the Huskers are going to take advantage of that. Also, with the heat that is in the forecast the lack of players that are experienced in their system is sure to benefit the Huskers.

Here’s to another win this Saturday!