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Corn Nation Radio: Interview with Dan Rubenstein Of The Solid Verbal

We talk national contenders, PAC-12 football, and of course the Huskers on this weeks episode

In this weeks episode we have Dan Rubenstein of the Solid Verbal podcast. As a long time podcaster, Dan has become one of the top resources for college football along with his cohost Ty Hildenbrandt.

Dan gives us his thoughts about this upcoming season along with the long term effects of COVID and the changes it brought to college football. We then pick his brain on which teams will be good this fall along with which teams we should keep an eye on.

In a way, this is also our PAC-12 preview episode as Dan gives us his thoughts on the conference, who is going to be on top this year, and what the PAC-12 needs to do to get back into the national spotlight.

Finally, we talk about the most recent Husker loss to Illinois and what Nebraska needs to do to improve down the road.

Catch Dan on Twitter @DanRubenstein and @SolidVerbal along with checking out his podcast at

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