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Nebraska to Offer Complimentary Tickets to Underserved Youth for Fordham Game

Nebraska is rolling out the “Red Carpet Experience” for young children who are underserved throughout the state of Nebraska.

Iowa v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

The Nebraska Athletic department announced the “Red Carpet Experience” in which two generous donors bought up the remaining tickets for the upcoming Fordham game.

Since the remaining tickets were bought up, this coming Saturday will be the 376th consecutive sellout for Nebraska football in Memorial Stadium.

These complimentary tickets are only available for children who are 8th grade or younger with two accompanying parents/guardians. They’ll even get a small meal out of it— free of charge.

Check out the contact information below.

Here’s an opportunity to complain about the legitimacy of the sell-out streak. Take it.

This is also an opportunity to be happy that two donors were willing to buy up the rest of the tickets and thus provides an opportunity for under-served youth to attend an actual Nebraska football game.

In the past, those who have not had the financial means to attend a Nebraska football game took their opportunity to attend a Nebraska spring game or couldn’t attend a game at all.

So we can make of it what we will. Regardless, the sell-out streak lives for one more game.

Here’s a statement from the Athletic Department:

Fordham Tickets Available to Youth Through ‘Red Carpet Experience’

Nebraska will roll out a Red Carpet Experience for youth at Saturday’s football home opener against Fordham. The game-day offer will provide complimentary tickets to underserved youth across the state of Nebraska.

“We had two generous donors come forward and purchase the remaining tickets for the home opener so that we could provide those tickets to young people throughout the state,” Nebraska Vice-Chancellor, Director of Athletics Trev Alberts said. “These donors have a strong commitment to Nebraska Athletics and understand our history and tradition. They also have a desire for young people, who may not otherwise have the opportunity, to experience a Nebraska Football game day at Memorial Stadium.”

With the announcement of the Red Carpet Experience, Nebraska’s game against Fordham will be the 376th consecutive sellout at Memorial Stadium. Tickets remain available for each of Nebraska’s six other home games at Memorial Stadium.

The Red Carpet Experience program is being coordinated by Dr. Lawrence Chatters, Nebraska’s Senior Associate Athletic Director for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Chatters said it is important for Nebraska Athletics to continue to seek innovative ways to increase access to Husker fans of all ages and backgrounds.

“The ‘Red Carpet Experience’ is about increasing access to more underserved youth across our state,” Chatters said. “There are a number of young Husker fans who are unable to attend a football game due to their economic circumstances. We are hopeful that this initiative will open up the opportunity to experience the great atmosphere of Memorial Stadium to more people across Nebraska, especially our underserved youth.

“This is about more than football. When we get together on gamedays, our stadium becomes a beacon of hope as people from all different walks of life come together to cheer for a common cause. We are excited to provide our underserved and at-risk youth with a ‘Red Carpet Experience’ in partnership with our statewide and local non-profits and other organizations.”

Red Carpet Experience Details

Complimentary tickets through the Red Carpet Experience are limited to students in 8th grade or younger, along with one or two accompanying parents/guardians. The students must be present to get tickets.

Tickets will be in various locations throughout Memorial Stadium.

Non-profit and other community organizations looking to get involved and receive access through the Red Carpet Experience should contact Dr. Lawrence Chatters at

A small meal will be provided free of charge. (Hot Dog, Popcorn, Soda).

Parking is available for large groups that travel to the game by bus. Contact Dr. Chatters for additional details.