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Nebraska Athletics Releases Policy for Face Coverings at Home Athletic Events

Either take precautions now or don’t attend games later.

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The Nebraska Athletic department sent out a release regarding face coverings for upcoming athletic events. I have included the entire release, unedited below.

My Thoughts:

I don’t understand what’s hard about this. Face masks will help in stopping the spread of this virus. We all know this, some just choose to ignore it.

We know that a new Covid-19 variant, Delta, is more virulent than previous. This means it will spread faster. That means it doesn’t take much to get it started, especially in a very localized environment with tons of people in close proximity.

It doesn’t matter if you think it was released by globalists, part of a Marxist takeover, or injected into our lives by the lizard people who live among us - viruses do not care about any of that.

If you’re thinking, “Garth Brooks just did the biggest concert ever at Memorial and there were no problems.”

Yes, he did. We don’t know if there were spread problems after that concert because no one tracked it. He canceled the rest of his tour after his Memorial Stadium appearance - that should tell you something, shouldn’t it?

We can either take precautions now and ensure we have a Nebraska football season with fans at our stadiums, or we can act like infants and then bitch and moan later when nobody gets to attend games.

This isn’t hard. Stop making it hard. Find a comfortable mask. Wear it most of the time. Please?

Here Is the Athletic Department Release in Its Entirety:

Nebraska Announces Policy for Face Coverings at Home Athletic Events

In accordance with the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department Directed Health Measure announced Tuesday, Nebraska Athletics and University of Nebraska-Lincoln leadership will follow a reinstituted face covering (mask) mandate for all indoor spaces in athletic venues.

The new DHM from LLCHD runs from Thursday through Sept. 30 and applies to Husker home competitions during that time. The mask mandate will affect Nebraska games differently depending on the venue and the different types of spaces in the respective venues, including primary seating areas, concourses, club levels, loge seating, private suites and press areas.

Nebraska Athletics has worked closely with the LLCHD throughout the pandemic and will continue to do so throughout the upcoming 2021-22 athletic season. The Athletic Department will rely on guidance from the LLCHD and remain fluid to best protect the safety of our fans, student-athletes, coaches, staff and community.

The Athletic Department will implement the following policies for events through Sept. 30. The policies have been reviewed by the LLCHD.

Memorial Stadium (Football)

Nebraska fans attending September home games against Fordham (Sept. 4) and Buffalo (Sept. 11) are strongly encouraged to wear an appropriate face covering (covering both the nose and mouth) when on campus property. The new Directed Health Measure will apply to various spaces in Memorial Stadium as follows:

  • Concourses – Masks are strongly recommended in concourse spaces
  • Lobbies – Masks are strongly recommended upon entry and required when utilizing elevators or in common indoor premium spaces
  • Elevators – Masks are required when using an elevator
  • Suites – Masks are strongly recommended for this cohort group when inside the respective suite and required when outside in the hallways and lobbies of the suite level
  • Club Areas – Masks strongly recommended when sitting in the outdoor seats and required when inside the indoor portion of the club level
  • Press Box – Masks are required by media and other personnel on this indoor level
  • Seating Bowl – Masks are strongly recommended in any seating area outdoors

Nebraska Event Management, at the directive of our leadership team, may require certain working positions and media members to wear an appropriate face covering when outdoors and near the playing field.

All fans should bring an appropriate face covering (mask covering the nose and mouth) to the football home opener on Sept. 4, with only a limited number of masks available at the entry points.

Bob Devaney Sports Center (Volleyball)

For all Nebraska home volleyball matches (through at least Sept. 30), the face covering mandate will apply to all in attendance. Volleyball fans and workers will be required to wear a face covering (covering both the nose and mouth) when on university property and inside the venue.

Fans are encouraged to bring their own mask with a limited number of face coverings made available at the arena entry points. The mask mandate will be in effect at volleyball beginning with Friday’s regular-season opener at the Devaney Center.

Barbara Hibner Soccer Stadium (Soccer)

The face covering mandate will not apply to any ticketed patrons at Nebraska soccer matches, as fans do not have access to indoor spaces. However, face coverings are strongly recommended for all in attendance at Hibner Stadium.

Select working staff who reside inside the press box areas will be required to wear an appropriate face covering (covering the nose and mouth). Nebraska Event Management, at the directive of our leadership team, may require certain working positions or media to wear an appropriate face covering when outdoors and near the teams and for those handling food and beverage at point-of-sale locations. Nebraska’s next home soccer match is on Thursday, Sept. 2, against Omaha.

The current mask mandate is scheduled to expire on Sept. 30. Any changes to the DHM or adjustments to policies in athletic venues will be communicated as needed.

Husker fans are asked to be responsible and respectful of the mask mandate. Cooperation with this DHM will help keep our student-athletes and community safe, Nebraska athletic venues operating at 100 percent capacity, and will help ensure a complete season across all sports.

Nebraska Athletics will provide details for other athletic venues as additional teams begin their 2021-22 seasons later this fall.