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Frost Flakes: Almost There

Jon Johnston

Almost there.

2 Days, 4 Hours, 10 Minutes.... but who’s counting, right?

I am doing my best right now to stay calm. This is a huge game for Nebraska, because it’s going to set the tone for the rest of the season.

Trev Alberts Says Nebraska Football ‘90 Percent’ Vaccinated - Nebraska Football | Hail Varsity
“Our football program is 90 percent vaccinated today,” Alberts said during his appearance.

Alberts mentioned that during his first couple days on the job, the levels weren’t where they needed to be. That changed due to the hard work of head coach Scott Frost and his staff.

Radio This Season

Nebraska football is not streaming on Tunein this season. Remember the Huskers app on your phone.

Way More Work Than I’m Willing To Do

When I was a kid, I built models of WWII tanks and airplanes. Built dyoramas, even won some model contests. I HAVE A MEDAL, DAMMIT.

I wouldn’t have the patience for anything like this now.

Hastings Is Out Of The Little League World Series

This is a great bit. They will remember this for the rest of their lives. What an experience!

News Stuff

Wisconsin Badgers football season preview: Friends of the Blog: Minnesota Q&A - Bucky’s 5th Quarter
God, isn’t Nebraska just the worst?

The absolute worst. It absolutely astonishes me that a team that plays like one of ours from the 1980s has a fanbase that pretends that it’s still Nebraska from the 1990s.

2021 Illinois Fighting Illini Football Predictions, Picks, Schedule - Off Tackle Empire
How will the Illini finish in Bret Bielema’s first season?

NU Regent Jack Stark arrested for witness tampering
NU Regent Jack Stark faces felony witness tampering charges, connected to a sexual assault case prosecuted in Douglas County.

Previewing Illinois’ 2021 Conference Slate - The Champaign Room
Once again, the Illini face an uphill battle against tough conference opponents.

TCR Staff Predictions: 2021 Illinois Football Season - The Champaign Room
Could Illinois make a bowl game this year?

Big Ten Football: 2021 SB Nation Pre-Season Media Predictions - Black Heart Gold Pants
We polled our Big Ten brethren to get predictions on everything from conference championship winner to the league’s top punter.

OrangeandBlueNews - Illini set to unveil newly designed offense vs. Nebraska
Bret Bielema isn’t bringing the Wisconsin or Arkansas playbook with him to Illinois, nor is he borrowing liberally from the NFL where he spent three seasons before returning to the college game.

This is Fun

Probably a better and more honest depiction of the Alliance than was given on the media Zoom webinar/call. They really need a name if this is to be taken seriously.

Then There’s This

I Turned Six Today - Jon Johnston
My family, friends, and neighbors refer to today as my re-birthday. I’m okay with that moniker, but it doesn’t tell the complete story. My original birthday