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The Wednesday of it All: Interview With Extra Point’s Matt Brown

2021 College football, NIL, and of course Husker football in today’s episode

Today we interview former SB Nation manager and current Extra Points publisher Matt Brown. What is Extra Points you say? Here is a brief rundown from the site:
“This newsletter covers all the off-the-field stuff that shapes college sports, from the largest FBS schools to the smallest NAIA programs. Four days a week, you’ll get commentary, analysis and original reporting on major issues like NIL legislation, how college athletic budgets function, how athletic departments fit (and don’t fit) with the rest of the university, and how the entire enterprise really operates.”

In other words, a lot of fun stuff if you are a college football or even a college sports junkie like many of us are. Basically, if you are reading this then it’s probably up your alley.

In this episode we dive deep into this upcoming college football season across the nation and the possible outcomes for the season. Matt also gives us his input on the new NIL legislation that is opening doors for college athletes across the country along with some of the issues that may comes it’s way down the road.

Finally, Matt hands us an honest view of the Nebraska Football program and what he thinks are some of the things that need to be fixed for the Huskers to succeed on the field.

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