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Frosted Flakes: Illinois Week, Ken Behrens, and Naps Don’t Work

Plus, the NCAA is looking at increasing annual signing limits because of the transfer portal

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It’s Game Week!!

In a few days we will know if our optimism will be let loose or if we are in for another gut punch of a football season.

It also means that I do my annual trek to the interwebz to figure out which streaming service to activate for football season. Over the past 2 or 3 years, we started to see some good options emerge. This year isn’t bad, but the services and channels they offer are starting to fragment more for non-sports. That means many of you probably have multiple streaming services showing up on your monthly credit card statements. I only get to watch X over here and Y over here...

I can see a day coming in the near future where the same happens for live sports. You totally know the SEC is wondering if they can convince people to shell money out directly to them or as part of an ESPN bundle that leaves the B1G netwok allied with Fox Sports. Voila, two streaming services and higher costs. The NFL has been the slowest to get in gear, and I’m guessing it is because they are trying to figure out how to keep as much of the moola for themselves as possible. I mean, seriously, why can’t we subscribe to one team and access their games? Why do we have to deal with some crazy combination of network TV broadcasts and reruns? Not cool.

Back to the Huskers, it looks like some questions will get answered this week. Backup QB, running back, the wideout rotation, starting corner opposite Taylor-Britt. Here’s to letting the optimism flow, for at least a few more days.

Frosted Flakes

Competition continues as Huskers look to bolster kickoffs
The battle for Nebraska's kickoff specialist job continues, but there looks to be much for talent to choose from.

No. 2 quarterback picture clearing up as game week approaches
No depth chart has been released, but Scott Frost hinted that Nebraska's No. 2 quarterback spot could be settled soon.

Damion Daniels' climb to Husker captain spot was well-earned
If it surprised some, all the signals this offseason were pointing to the earning of it that had been going on. Much of it was...

What the Odds Are Telling Us About Nebraska-Illinois - Nebraska Football | Hail Varsity
An early look at Nebraska-Illinois based on a point spread and moneyline that’s been open since July.

HuskerOnline - Big Red Business: Bonuses could push Alberts into the millionaire’s club
New A.D. will earn more than three times his previous salary

Honolulu Little League advances, beats Nebraska in 2021 Little League World Series
After a lengthy weather delay, Honolulu Little League would take down the Hastings Baseball Little League of Nebraska, 11-3 in seven innings Sunday morning.

Husker volleyball makes an electrifying return in Red/White scrimmage | Sports |
Nearly two years have passed since Husker volleyball last had the Bob Devaney Center filled with fans. The almost eight thousand attendees roared with excitement as No. 5 Nebraska squared

Sportin’ Stuff Outside the 402/308

Breaking down the ACC, Big Ten, Pac-12 alliance and what comes next
Addressing the biggest questions surrounding the potential alliance between the three leagues and forecasting what could unfold over the coming weeks and months.

College football class signing limits nearing NCAA expansion - Sports Illustrated
The move would allow coaches to replace players they’ve lost to the burgeoning transfer portal

This appears to be a necessary move in light of the transfer portal.

College football coaches on hot seat: Clay Helton needs to reclaim USC’s Pac-12 supremacy
From some big college football programs in the FBS to coaches struggling to make ends meet in the Group of Five, these are the ones on the hot seat.

Spoiler: It’s not in the Frosted Flakes section for a reason.

Getting Pinned Down At The 1-Yard Line Isn’t As Bad As You Think | FiveThirtyEight
How often do drives that start deep in a team’s own territory convert at least one new set of downs?

More Noise and Other Disturbances

Optical Illusion Video Shows Orange Square 'Change' Colors | Mental Floss
Color optical illusions never fail to confuse and amuse us. Watch your brain play tricks on you with this video.

We are effectively alone in the universe - Big Think
The debate over extraterrestrial life has shifted from fringe to mainstream. The belief that humans eventually will encounter aliens is based on two assumptions: (a) life evolves easily, and (b) interstellar travel is possible and practical. Neither of these assumptions is likely to be true.

So much for Star Trek.

Paddle of the Century
Don Starkell wasn’t the kind of guy to shy away from improbable odds. So when people told him his dream of paddling a canoe from Winnipeg to the Amazon was impossible, it fuelled his determination to do it.


Excommunicated Spanish ‘witch’ village turns curse into tourist cash | Spain | The Guardian
Embracing its strange past is a blessing for Trasmoz as thousands flock to its witchcraft attractions

The 20 Greatest Movies Hollywood Never Made | Mental Floss
From ‘Superman Lives’ to ‘Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian,’ these are the greatest movies we’ll (probably) never get to see.

Don’t count on naps to keep you sharp if you’re tired - Big Think
A new study finds that napping does not appreciably restore cognitive function lost through a lack of sleep.

I really hope science is wrong on this one...

The Doctor Who Performed Reverse Circumcisions to Help Jews Escape the Nazis
The Gestapo got in the habit of asking any man they suspected might be Jewish to drop his trousers and show them his penis. “If he was circumcised, they shot him,

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Butt-scratching and selective showering are some habits that went unnoticed during the pandemic. Now they’re difficult to shake

Another Week - Another Poop(ish) Article

It’s back, with a vengeance, after taking a week off.

Alaskan Bears Trail Meters-Long Tapeworms From Their Butts Surprisingly Often | IFLScience
With big body size comes an increased internal capacity, and for Alaskan bears it seems their advanced size makes their bodies prime real estate for some a

Cows Horses Gone Wild

Horse escapes Ellis Park, runs down highway in Kentucky
A filly named Bold and Bossy got loose on her way to the starting gate at Ellis Park and started running down local roads, including Interstate 69.

Then There’s This

Meet the man who created Canberra’s COVID-19 lockdown legend ‘Ken Behrens’ - ABC News
Mitch Bowey works as a captioner, and is the man responsible for the typo that has taken Canberra by storm and created a new COVID-19 hero.