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Nebrasketball Player Profile: Eduardo Andre

The Huskers should be able to compete in the paint this season and it starts with Andre

Nebraska v Maryland Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Hey, we are getting into the part of the previews where we profile players that actually played for Nebraska last year. Yeah, I know. I feels like we were never going to make it here. But alas, we finally have.

Today we have 6’10” center Eduardo Andre. A big man. A true big man. A big man that has put on the weight to play again other big men in the conference. Remember, this isn’t the Big 12 conference. It’s the Big Ten where the paint is usually dominated by large creatures that can dunk, block, and rebound.

The Huskers have seemed to have a history of either not having big men or one’s that for whatever reason do not live up to the hype. This year, Fred Hoiberg may just have enough to compete on a level that we all want to see.

Eduardo is a sophomore coming into this season from Arizona Compass Prep. He played in 20 games last years special COVID branded season. As the season moved along he really came into his own down the stretch for the Big Red and established himself a solid reserve by the end of the season. Eduardo’s height is not his only attribute and complements his game with his speed which doesn’t always come with someone of that size.

Last year Eduardo averaged 2.7 points, 2.2 rebounds, and 0.5 assists per game while shooting 64% from the floor. This all while only averaging 8.8 minutes a game on the season. His most impressive outing was Nebraska’s 78-74 win against Minnesota where he had 7 points and 6 rebounds against the gophers.

He might very well have had bigger stats if it was not for a positive COVID test that came at the beginning of the season and sidelined him for 19 days.

He played weighing 218 pounds last year against some the the most aggressive and large big men in the Big Ten. This year he is coming in at 238. A 20 pound swing north that should bode well during the season. Hopefully he can stabilize the added mass as the season goes along and become comfortable in his newfound weight. Hopefully it doesn’t slow him down.

Add that to the already 7’5” wingspan and it is almost as if Nebraska is getting a new player to the roster.