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Wondering Why A Report on Possible NCAA Violations Would Include Anything About the Oklahoma Game

Maybe I’m wrong on this one. The past makes me think I’m not.

Frank Solich

I have questions.

An article published by Brett McMurphy, of The Action Network, set out potential NCAA violations by the Nebraska football program.

These violations included the improper use of analysts which is under current investigation. McMurphy also mentioned the Nebraska strength and conditioning coaches allegedly were directing off-campus workouts during the pandemic. The NCAA would not comment whether that was under current investigation.

Just as a reminder, here is the tweet from McMurphy.

So why do we add in the fact that Frost looked to replace the Oklahoma game in an article about possible NCAA violations? We know that replacing the Oklahoma game with another school is not a violation of a NCAA bylaw right?

What is the source, or what are the sources attempting to do here?

I understand the angst that day created. Nebraska came out with a statement about 12 hours later, which was my issue. Moos fell on a grenade which was thrown by Frost, Lambrecht as well as other administrators.

It is not a great look for the head coach of Nebraska. No question about it. I had moved on from it quickly.

Is this additional information that is important for the public to know regarding an NCAA investigation? McMurphy trying to provide context?

The transition in the article from the NCAA violations to the part about Oklahoma was the following:

Earlier this year, Frost and Lambrecht were key proponents, along with other administrators, in trying to drop Nebraska’s Sept. 18 game at Oklahoma, a source said.

Okay. Cool. What does that have to do with the impermissible use of analysts or off-site workouts?

To be clear, I am not attributing anything nefarious toward McMurphy or “the media.” They are simply reporting what they are told. He is doing his job.

I found it extremely odd that in an impromptu press conference with Athletic Director Trev Alberts and Scott Frost on an NCAA investigation that Frost was answering questions about the Oklahoma game. Is that odd to anybody else?

In the end, did the article end up being about possible NCAA violations by Nebraska, or was it something else?

To me it feels like it’s something else entirely.