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Nebraska’s Athletic Department Needs To Plug Its Holes

Having someone working against you is a drain on morale. It needs to stop.

Jon Johnston

Happy Scott Frost Day!

There are less than 10 days to go before the beginning of the 2021 college football season and someone in our our athletic department not only hates Scott frost but hates you as well. I did an instant reaction YouTube video yesterday, and that’s what it was, an “Instant Reaction”.

I’ve had time to think about the news of yesterday and Scott Frost’s alleged NCAA violation. The reactions are, of course, completely overblown. What Scott Frost and Nebraska football did appears to be against established NCAA rules. You don’t get to write it off just because “everybody else does it”, as your mother used to tell you, “if everyone else was jumping off a cliff would you do that too?”.

It’s pretty clear that someone leaked this news. This bothers me a great deal. It bothers me because in my life as an IT consultant; I have been in charge of many projects in which it was clear where someone was actively working against me. It is very difficult to deliver a successful project when that happens.

Employees resent consultants because many times the consultants come in and tell their boss is the same thing they tried to tell their boss, but their boss ignored them. What they fail to understand is that it’s easier to blame someone from outside for failure than it is to blame their own employees. If their own employees are responsible for the failure of a project, they get fired, demoted, or get poor reviews and therefore don’t get raises. Sometimes bosses protect their employees in this manner as it’s easy to fire a consultant, and sometimes it’s true they don’t listen to their own people.

One project that comes to mind was an email migration project. There was a time where everyone was migrating their email every three years to another platform they were sure was better than the last. In this particular case, we were migrating someone from Lotus CC:Mail to Lotus Notes. I did a ton of work on Lotus Notes in my time. Lotus Notes release 5.0 was a disaster. It was buggy. Performance was terrible. As a consultant and support person, I got beat to death by that software.

A particular moment comes to mind. A customer’s main mail server froze, and one guy I’d been training to be an administrator called me to say that the server wasn’t working. I told him to reboot it. He said he wouldn’t because he didn’t want to be responsible for rebooting the server. I informed him it would take me at least an hour or an hour and a half to get to his site to reboot the server and their mail system would be down that long. If he rebooted it, it would be back up in 10 minutes. He refused.

I drove for over an hour to the customer site to type a command and hit enter to reboot the server. I then went to a manager’s office and got ripped apart by the manager and an in-house project manager because the mail system was down for over an hour. I didn’t bother blaming the guy who wouldn’t reboot the server. It was my project. I was in charge of making software work. They would not blame him no matter what I said, for reasons stated above.

Ultimately, Lotus notes 5 got better, and the project was successful. Kind of. We took a hit on billing because of the lousy performance.

I can say without hesitation at having people work against you destroys your morale and the morale of your entire team. You get into a mode where you constantly wonder what is going to happen next. You worry more about that than you do the tasks necessary to be successful. It is an enormous distraction, and it becomes very difficult to stay focused.

Everyone in an organization needs to be working towards the same goals. If they are not, they need to be removed. They are damaging the organization.

Don’t give me this shit that whistle blowers deserve an award or congratulations for leaking the potential violation. As I stated previously, this appears to be someone who is working to torpedo Nebraska’s football program. Why else would someone sit on this and wait until less than 10 days before 2021 football season to release this information to the media, whom they know will jump on this like flies on shit.

That isn’t just about Scott Frost. That’s about your fun too. You were probably starting to drink the Kool-Aid when this happened, and now it’s all gone instantly stale.

Remember the bit I wrote last week that no matter what Nebraska does it’s wrong? This is another example. More drama. More web hits. More speculation.

If Scott frost is found guilty of an NCAA violation over this, he’ll probably be suspended a couple of games. If he tanks the 2021 season, he may be fired with this being one more nail in his coffin. If that’s the case, Nebraska is rebuilding will take even longer.

Nebraska needs to plug the holes in its ship. They can’t even make an announcement without someone leaking it to the press ahead of time. Persons responsible need to be found and fired. End of story.