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Interview With SB Nation Senior Writer Steven Godfrey

The season’s almost here so it’s time to get a national perspective on the Husker football program and college football as a whole


In today’s episode we interview college football guru Steven Godfrey. Steven is a Senior Writer here at SB Nation and Secret Base along with cohost of the college football podcast Split Zone Duo.

In today’s episode we dive into this upcoming football season and some of the possible ramifications of what having a vaccinated team versus a not so very vaccinated team on the games. We then dive right into this upcoming season for the Huskers and what problems really need to be fixed in and out of the program before we might see any real progress moving forward.

This is a no holds barred episode on the current state of the Husker football program from someone who is outside of the program. If you are interested in a birds eye view of what is going on at 1 Memorial, this might be the episode for you.

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