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How Do You Define Success for 2021 Nebraska Football?

It’s time to start winning games. A LOT of games.

Jon Johnston

How do you define success for Nebraska football in 2021?

Do you think going 6-6 and getting to a bowl game is success?

It isn’t. It’s survival. It is a bare minimum for continuation.

I’m not talking about Scott Frost’s survival (although maybe I should be). Scott Frost will not be fired this year, barring a complete meltdown or some egregious issue with him or the football program.

Our first three games are against Illinois, Fordham, and Buffalo. Nebraska should be 3-0 going into the Oklahoma game. If we lose to Illinois, you can consider this program officially lost. The Illini embarrassed Nebraska last season. EMBARRASSED. Illinois has BERT as a first-year coach, tons of seniors who got Lovie Smith fired during a pandemic, and if you can’t beat them, you should just pack it in.

If all you can come up with is three wins after that start to the schedule, it’s time to wonder if we’re ever going to get anywhere under the current regime.

I’ve thought about “success”, and I’ve decided the following two criteria define success for 2021:

  • 8-4 record - maybe this should include the phrase “no blowouts” but we play Ohio State and they’ll probably destroy everyone in their path because that’s where college football is right now
  • Beat Iowa - losing seven years in a row to the definition of mediocrity - it’s not success, no matter what else happens. Losses to Iowa shouldn’t be tolerated, ever. Does that make this a rivalry? Yes, it’s a rivalry. Stop being so damned obstinate. We can have rivalries with Norwthestern or anyone else (not Oklahoma, please, if you still think that’s a rivalry, move on, okay?) we want.

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Winning The Best Ten West

Should winning the Big Ten West be required to consider this a successful season?

I’m interesting in hearing your comments on it. There are no juggernauts in our division. There’s nothing to confuse with Ohio State. Every team in the West has question marks.

Why can’t Nebraska win the West?

There is talent all over the place on this team. It’s unrealized talent, but there are plenty of outstanding players to be winning a lot of games. This is Frost’s fourth year. He has his guys in place. He’s never finished higher than fifth in the Big Ten West. It’s time all the excuse-making is done, and Nebraska starts winning games - A LOT of games.

Am I off base?

What say ye?