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Nebraska Football Practice Report - August 13

After the Huskers scrimmaged, Scott Frost spoke to the media

Nebraska v Rutgers Photo by Benjamin Solomon/Getty Images

There was a scrimmage today for the Huskers and Coach Frost met with the media afterward. There were questions about tight end injuries, the running backs and the backup QB spot.

As always - these are not exact quotes. They are my best attempt to type in real time.

How is the running back depth chart shaking out?

That is to be determined. There are a few guys that are separating themselves. What order they are going to play in and how much they will play is still being determined.

Sevion Morrison - how has he responded? [COVID and injuries derailed his 2020 season]

Sevion is talented. We try to recruit a lot of talent but they all come along at different times and different rates. He really hit his stride in the offseason program this summer. He looks better, leaner faster. He’s been doing a good job. I think he’s grown from his first year and has a chance to help us.

Rest of 2020 class - how has it been for them? [Logan Smothers mentioned by name]

It was tough on everyone last year, that has been said enough. We recruit guys from out of state and there is no one on campus and everything is closed. It was hard on those guys. They missed out on spring ball, fall camp, organized winter conditioning, non-conference games, chances to get in games. We’ve been trying to hit fast forward in their development and a lot responded well.

Tight ends Austin [Allen] and Travis [Vokolek] missing practice

We were just giving Austin time off. Travis is nicked up. I always report it to you guys when we have someone out for a season or extended time. We have guys knicked up and Travis is one, but we expect them back.

You don’t have much game experience behind those tight ends. How do you feel about the young guys? [Chris Hickman mentioned by name]

It’s strange. It seems like there is always a position that gets more knicked up than others and that one is it this year.

Chris and Austin will be fine. Travis will be back. We had an appendectomy and a just kind of a little fluke thing. We’ve been hurt for depth there. The good thing is we’re getting young guys reps that will help us down the road.

We’ve moved two guys over there [to tight end]. Chancellor Brewington [walk on WR transfer from Northern Arizona]. He’s a big receiver and he’s done a good job coming in and learning. And then Jacob Herbek [6-5, 265-pound redshirt freshman from Grand Island] we’ve moved to tight end too.

It sounds like Chancellor’s connection to Nebraska was through Jaylin Wright.

Did Travis have the appendectomy or did you just say there was one in the group?

I didn’t say that [it was Travis]

You’ve thrown a lot at the young guys - how to you assess them?

They’re picking it up at different levels. Most guys have 2 or 3 plays where they look good then they get confused. That is just part of the learning process. I was frustrated today. We had Big Ten officials out there and we had too many flags on the ground. We have to go back and watch the tape. Most of those were with the 2’s and 3’s on little things. This team needs to understand they’re good enough to be in every game, if we don’t do the things to beat ourselves. We’ve talked to them about it. I think they get it. We’ll keep working on it.

He’s [Chancellor] listed at 185? He seems like a slight guy. What kind of tight end is he?

I think he’s bigger than that.

He is a Husker tight end.

It’s going to be good for us. We can use him inside or outside.

Vaccination rate [Frost has expressed discomfort with levels previously]

We’re doing everything we can to educate the guys. We’ve had some resistance and our trainer has done a good job educating them. Four people came in and talked to the team. I feel really good about where we are numbers wise. We’ll keep working on it.

Advantage? [to higher vaccination rate]

The advantage is going to be based on the rules around it. The best chance to have an uninterruped season as a team and as a player is to have a high vaccination rate.

Are you going to the concert? [Garth Brooks]

Yes, I’m going. I’m excited to see the stadium full again. I’ve never seen my box before. My wife has been in it. I’m going to sit there. It’ll be the first time I see it.

Favorite songs? - Callin’ Baton Rogue - Thunder Rolls - Cowboy Lament - That’s a good question by the way.

When will you start Illinois game prep? After this weekend?

We’re going to start earlier especially with the guys that we expect to play a lot this year. They are really comfortable with scheme and have gotten good reps for technique and fundamentals. We’re going to turn our attention to first game a little earlier.

If anyone gets knicked up on O-line, is Brant Banks first up at guard and tackle? Is he that versatile?

Brant has been working with the ones and the twos a bit. We’ve got better depth on the o-line than we’ve had. Nouri [I assume he is speaking about Nouredin Nouili] has done a good job, Bando. Hixson. I don’t want to leave anyone out. We’ve got a lot of guys we feel good about so we can keep people fresh.

Backup QB? Do you know who you’ll go with?

No, we don’t know yet. Both are good. Logan had a good day today [scrimmage].