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Five Heart Podcast Ep. 238: Football Fall Camp, Larson Statue, BYU Good, Baylor Briles Bad

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Volleyball - Olympics: Day 10 Photo by Toru Hanai/Getty Images

In this episode, Todd and I get together to discuss what’s going on at Nebraska football’s fall camp.

Honestly, I am having a hard time getting enthused about fall camp. It seems to be the same information year after year. In past years, I would have been getting really excited about the upcoming football season by now, but this year I want to see something on the field to show me Nebraska is improved.

Todd and I discussed the fact that we think Nebraska will have a good football season, but we’re just not that enthused about fall camp. Tight ends are injured. The running back battle for the starting position should generate more buzz, but Todd brings up the point that we know nothing about these running backs because we really haven’t seen them very much.

We discuss my article on Thursday and talk about some Nebraska fans who have thin skin and worry way too much about the fake Lil Red uniform.

We also discussed the article about the Jordan Larson statue. I was disappointed it didn’t get more traction, but it was overrun by the fake uniform story. Todd and I discussed that Devaney Center could use a statue or something in front of it. There’s a lot of blank space.

I want to bring up an additional point here that I brought up in the podcast but not in the Jordan Larson article. There is currently only one Nebraska football statue that has identifiable people and that is the statue of Brook Berringer and Tom Osborne. There are tons of photos of little boys taken with that statue every year.

Why can’t we have one statue of a prominent volleyball player, the premier athletic sport at Nebraska, of a celebrated native Nebraskan that little girls can get their pictures taken in front of whenever they come to see volleyball at the Devaney Center?

Football doesn’t have to be the everything sport at the University of Nebraska.

There was an announcement out of BYU about a company that will sponsor money to the BYU Cougar football program in the amount that it will pay for the tuition of walk-on football players. That is an excellent thing that’s come out of the new NIL rule.

The other big news this week was the NCAA announcing their non-punishment of Baylor for what happened under Art Briles. The moment the announcement was made, Art Briles’ lawyer announced Briles had been completely exonerated when that wasn’t the case at all. Keep in mind that the NCAA couldn’t find Baylor gave impermissible benefits to student athletes because they discovered that the entire campus at Baylor had an attitude of non-reporting. If for some bizarre you wanted your daughter assaulted, Baylor might have been your best choice as a university for that to happen.

I get up on an ivory tower, perhaps a little too high, but I want to make this clear:

Good things happened at BYU that will change lives.

Bad things happened at Baylor that also changed lives.

Every day when you get up in the morning, you get to choose which side you want to live on. You can choose to be on the side that changes lives for good or you can choose to sweep as much as possible under the rug and pretend that you’re doing good for people when all you’re doing is harm.

After all the ranty bits, I was tired and the podcast episode concluded.

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