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Frosted Flakes: Everything Nebraska Does Is Wrong - Accept It

Being a Nebraska football fan is tougher.

Jon Johnston

Yesterday I did that article on Jordan Larson deserving a statue, and when I hit publish, I thought, “This should get a fair amount of attention, perhaps people will talk about it and it can gain some traction.”

Unfortunately, not much time passed before some SOB posted on twitter a mock-up of the most amazing Nebraska uniform ever designed! It completely took over the day and nearly everyone didn’t bother to notice my story about Larson. POOP!

This beautiful design completely took over everywhere in the universe. People went insane!

No doubt they were wondering - why hasn’t someone come up with this before? It’s what’s missing from Husker football!

Or maybe I was the only one who felt that way. It sure seemed that way as fans began to inform me of their true feelings about said uniform of unparalleled excellence. Click the tweet below to follow the thread.

It was with great sadness I realized it was a joke. Others did not seem to think so. They worried about whether it was real. So worried were they that their concerns spilled over from social media and into real life.

Is this what happens to a fan base when they’ve been beaten so much they flinch at the slightest joke on social media? Or does this occur because we are constantly searching the edges of our psyche, looking for any reason to be offended?

I am guessing it’s more of the second, but I’m going to pretend it’s more of the first.

We - lovers of Nebraska football - are at a point at which nothing can go well.

It doesn’t matter what Scott Frost says or does. It doesn’t matter what the athletic department says or does. It doesn’t matter because everything Nebraska says or does is wrong.

If Frost says they’re having good practices, everyone complains that’s what he’s always said before.

If a coach gives praise to a player in fall camp, particularly one named Adrian, piss, shit and hell fire rain from the sky. If a coach gives praise to anyone else, it’s the same ol’, same ol’ and must be dismissed.

If the athletic department does a uniform reveal, then asks everyone to not take photos, the world acts as if they are morons. This is actually pretty funny, because it turns out there weren’t any public photos of the uniform available, which was a perfect setup for the Lil Red joke, but in hindsight proved one thing - the Nebraska fanbase can be trusted more with a secret than people in the athletic department given all the leaking that’s happened over the past year.

If Paul Finebaum talks about how Nebraska will never be good again, all ya'll freak react in one of two ways; agree with him because you’ve resigned yourself to defeat OR try to tell him what a nitwit he is. Why waste the time responding to a person who’s made a living being a talking mouth-tool?

If you’re going to freak out about everything in the news or on social media, perhaps it’s best you take a break from being online until the Illinois game?

Another approach - take this time to develop thicker skin. Become a duck and let whatever it is just slide off your back.

We’re almost there. The season is nearly here. The only way this is cured is by winning games. Patience is a virtue. (I say this all the time, and trust me, I hate this phrase.)

I have faith we’ll have a good Husker season. Until then, relax a little. Enjoy the rest of summer.

Look At This Video And Tell Me What You See

Do you see:

Good defensive play and get excited?

Another fumble, another turnover, and now you don’t want to watch any more Husker football ever again, but you’ll still bitch about it on Facebook.

Please answer in the comments section.

Will Compton And Bo Pelini Mix It Up

I have not had the chance to listen to this. I have heard interesting things - y’all give it a listen and let the rest of us know what’s happening.

On The Other Hand, Let’s Freak Out

Add in Fidone and all the tight ends are gone. Forever. As is the season. And every season. We’re going to be a basketball school. Just accept it.

News Stuff

Art Briles's attorney claims complete exoneration in wake of Baylor probe, NCAA panel concludes differently - Footballscoop
On Pages 34 and 35 of the 125-page report, the panel took multiple paragraphs to weigh Briles's culpability and explain why he was not placed with a show-cause. The panel found his "incurious attitude toward potential criminal conduct" to be "deeply troubling" and said he "failed to meet even the most basic expectations of how a person should react to the kind of conduct at issue in this case."

Okay, so I didn’t do much news stuff.

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