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Frosted Flakes: Fourth of July Mishaps, Journaling and Fossil Poop

Science can be ‘dirty’ work at times...

Macy’s July 4th Fireworks Celebration Returns After Covid-19 Scaled-Back Festivities

I hope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July weekend. If you are reading this, you survived the combination of alcohol, fireworks, and cooking using flames.

We’ve never had a serious, or even a minor, accident with fireworks here at the ranch. I guess the biggest mishap was when one ember landed in the lawn and started a fire - which was put out before it had even burned a square foot of grass.

We did have one year where we didn’t realize our dog was scared of fireworks. She ran off and we got a call at 3 a.m. from the neighbors that she was hiding in their shed, scared of their dog. We now put loyal ranch dog in the garage with some treats before we light up roman candles and firecrackers.

How was your Independence Day?

4th of July: 2021 Celebrations Already Lead to Multiple Accidents Around the Country
The Fourth of July fell on Sunday this year, giving Americans a three-day weekend to celebrate Independence Day. It also meant there were more chances for fireworks accidents. Although officials warn people to leave fireworks to the professionals every year, many Americans still have their own [...]

Truck Filled With Fireworks Accidentally Detonated in Maryland
Even professionally trained pyrotechnics didn’t see this one coming.

Frosted Flakes

HuskerOnline - Huskers host OL Woudsma for unofficial visit
Nebraska hosts interior OL from Virginia for unofficial visit

Chatelain: Remembering the magic and ‘chills’ of the 2001 Huskers’ run to the CWS
How did Nebraska baseball go from almost being a laughingstock to playing in the College World Series within a few seasons? Dirk Chatelain takes a look at the rise of

Nebraska volleyball poised to be among biggest winners of NIL era | Huskers HQ |
Kelly Hunter figures she would have done more autograph signings. Maybe a few speaking engagements.

Most Intriguing Huskers: No. 26, redshirt freshman RT Bryce Benhart | National |
Bryce Benhart just naturally gets noticed. And if he can put his size to consistent production, the Husker offensive lineman will stand out even more.

Sportsin’ Stuff Outside the 402/308

At age 70, Yankees fan gets to live out her dream of being a bat girl
A New York Yankees fan will be bat girl for one game, 60 years after the team told her she couldn't do it because girls wouldn't be comfortable in the dugout.

MLB sets 2021 All-Star Game rosters, reserves - Sports Illustrated
Shohei Ohtani is the first player in MLB history to be named an All-Star as both a position player and a pitcher.

Nathan’s Hot Dog Contest 2021 winners: Joey Chestnut and Michelle Lesco - CNN
Defending world champion Joey Chestnut broke his own world record Sunday, devouring 76 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes during Nathan’s Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest.

Sha’Carri Richardson thanks supporters after suspension
‘I promise I’ll be your World Champ next year.’

LeBron James confronts announcer at Bronny’s game
LeBron went full basketball dad in an arena with his name on it.

More Noise and Other Disturbances

How Taco Bell 'stole' the taco - BBC Travel
Despite Taco Bell's international fame, Mitla Cafe has a place in the history of Mexican American cuisine as the first eatery to serve hard-shell tacos in the United States.

Why A Vacation In Flyover Country Is Suddenly Cool This Summer

Britney Spears’ experience with psychiatry highlights a common problem.
The star brought a common phenomenon to the national stage.

Independence Day at 25: A Look Back at the Alien Invasion Blockbuster - Variety
Released on July 3, 1996, ‘Independence Day’ starred Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman and went on to become an Oscar winner.

Another Week - Another Poop Article

This ancient beetle is the first new species discovered in fossilized poop | Science | AAAS
Scanning coprolites for undigested animals could reveal secrets from hundreds of millions of years ago

Then There’s This

Concrete: The material that's 'too vast to imagine' - BBC Future
There is so much concrete in the world that soon it will outweigh all living matter – including us.

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Controlling Anxiety Through Journaling - Part Two - Getting Started - Jon Johnston
Journaling is an excellent way to control anxiety. This is part two in a series on journaling. This is specifically on how to get started.