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Will The Nebraska Sellout Streak End?

Things are not looking good this fall. The end could be near.

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Minnesota v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

It’s a state law, a media regulation, that every offseason, typically in May or June, that we must discuss the end of the Nebraska football sellout streak.

Therefore, here is your 2021 Nebraska Football Sellout Streak might end video.

It’s not looking that good right now, after talking to some people who buy season tickets. There are a lot of reasons for that, and I try to cover them in the video.

I realize some of you won’t watch a video and want something to read. There is a transcript below.

I (mostly) try to keep these short. I don’t include a real intro. I don’t waste your time with a logo, or music designed to associate your mind with our “brand”. There is probably a fair amount of visual translation lost in not watching the video and that will become more apparent as I get better at editing.

So, I encourage you to watch the videos.

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I’m here to talk to you about a favorite offseason topic. The Nebraska football sellout streak.

It is. Normally every year that I’ve been running CornNation which is 15 years now every May or June. It’s like in a guide book somewhere or a law. We have to discuss whether or not the Nebraska sellout streak is gonna survive the coming season. And this year, well, I don’t know. Does 2020 count against the sellout streak? I don’t know. And I don’t care either. Right now it’s listed at 375 games. Started on November 3, 1962. That’s the year I was born. So imagine how old that sellout streak is. Pretty damned old. Pretty impossible to wow me impossible, the birthplace of my lifetime.

Do we have to argue about whether it’s still a really valid sellout streak or if the 2020 year counts? I don’t care. I see the negative responses from people.

It’s fake because corporate sponsors are buying them tickets and giving them away.

Like that would be fake. There’s still tickets sold.

I’ve seen empty seats.

You know, it’s tickets sold not butts in the seats.

The other thing is if you talk to promoter, like people who put on concerts like Garth Brooks or Styx. They tell you that 90% of tickets sold would be considered a sell out so maybe not get so anal about it.

The only thing people you see complaining about the solid streak in its current form are Nebraska fans who are angry. I don’t know if you’re just bitter or angry, you go through life spreading bitterness and unjoy to people. But you know, like Desmond Howard last year told us we should leave the Big 10. I don’t recall Desmond Howard, or anybody of that ilk ever saying anything about the Nebraska sellout streak. They tend to hold it in awe, and they should because it’s a damned impressive streak.

My entire life we’ve sold out football games.

I’ve seen some of your responses. You want Scott frost fired because he hasn’t brought the glory back to Nebraska after all the fanfare and excitement of getting him hired and bringing him in and the Big 10 is going to have to adjust our offense and all the things he said.

So what’s your plan? If Scott frost gets fired. What’s next? Because I’d really like to know who you think’s gonna come to Nebraska. If the sellout streak ends, coaches are gonna look at us and they’re gonna say, well they got no recruiting base, because of our small population 500 mile radius thing going on. If the sellout streak ends it’s kind of a sign we really don’t have a fan base anymore.

So why would anybody come to coach at Nebraska?

Because we can throw money at them? Bad reason.

Look at Texas. They have all the money on the planet and they have a recruiting base and they keep firing and hiring coaches. They haven’t any success. So and it’s not to say that we wouldn’t find some genius but I’m not going to go into this too long. Let’s just hope this Scott frost pulls it out of the can this fall and we have a winning football season so we don’t have to worry about that stuff.

The sellout streak is a source of pride or it should be from Nebraska fans, because nobody else comes close to this stuff. We have those signs on the stadium. They say “greatest fans of college football” and when people kind of give us crap for that, which I think they should but we can always say hey, we have a 375 game sellout streak back to 1962, What do you got, chungus? Probably nothing to combat that.

So source of pride. Yes.

Is it in danger ending? You know kind of looks like it might be this year.

The regular media guys haven’t touched it which normally we do every year like I said, but we’re coming out of a pandemic. A lot of people wanted to declare it over and a lot of people declared never happened.

You know as well as I do when you sit in a Memorial Stadium and it’s full. Here’s it in really close to the person next to you and A lot of us have gotten big over the years, like really big with that Nebraska beef diet, and you kind of get stuck in there like sardines. So are people going to be wary about coming back to the stadium in the fall with COVID still lingering around and things like that?

Maybe they will be. It’s easier to watch games at home, you’ve got a great big TV, you’ve got 4k, you’ve got cold beer in the fridge, you can scream profanities your TV like I do. And you can get up and yell. Some guy’s not poking you with his cane and going “sit down”. But basically, you don’t have to put up with other people.

It’s easier to watch at home than it is to go.

Another source of complaint. electronic, tickets, Nebraska is moved to electronic tickets. And I have talked to people that do not like that at all. They don’t feel comfortable with technology. They want to be able to print them out. And I get that I you know, if you don’t understand that you’re just you’ve never experienced walking up to a gate and having a scanner not work, which is what somebody told me about at Haymarket Park, when we were playing baseball, so it’s easy to dismiss that as old people.

Well, bullshit.

It’s enough to make a lot of those people maybe sit at home watch on their TV, and now go to games, which would end of this streak? So that’s another source of problem.

I think we all know what the biggest reason for the sellout streak potentially ending is and that is a crappy product.

Scott Frost was supposed to be the second coming of the Tom Osborne, the Savior. And we’ve really seen nothing like that. We have not been to a bowl game. We’ve not had winning seasons. We’ve had an honestly, a really crappy, hard to watch product on the field. And it’s certainly understandable for Nebraska fans look at that and say, You know what, I’m not going to throw any more money at this program until I actually see something that is worth me spending my money on.

It’s a valid complaint.

So will that affect ticket sales this fall?

From what I’ve heard from people who buy season tickets, there are a lot available. So the think somebody quote recently was it’s gonna take a small miracle for this sellout streak to continue.

Maybe a corporate sponsor will step up maybe someday then that’s fine with me. But me I even be sad for it to go away, I think. I really hope that we see a good product and we don’t have to worry about it after that.

The biggest pro about Nebraska sellout streak is that it’s Nebraska Game Day is an incredible event. It’s a chance for everybody in the state pretty much the gather around one thing we all love. When you go to Lincoln for a game, you can walk all over the tailgates and see people all over, all these little towns from all over the place. They all get together and Lincoln and it’s fun normally. And I hope it continues for that sake.

I am interested to know what you think about it. So leave me some comments. Leave me some feedback. If you’ve made it this far, please subscribe to my channel and look at the show notes because I wrote a book. You should buy it. I was dead once. I recovered. I have a brain injury. Sometimes I talk poorly. I’m not talking about the swearing. So look at the show notes. So the offseason topics because we still have a few weeks to go before Big 10 Media days. And I hope you’re taking care of yourself. Go big red. Thanks bye