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Frosted Flakes: Conference Realignment - Are You Tired of This Yet?

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 07 Big 12 Championship Game

How is everyone doing with their BTN 10k this week?

Mrs. CN and I are hoping to do ours Saturday morning. It’d been nice to get it in earlier, but damn, has it been hot.

I’ll be honest. This has been a very frustrating week. Our beloved horse-dog Esther had ACL surgery on one knee (both were torn) and it’s been miserable trying to care for her. She has a cone of shame that’s about eight feet wide, so she’s constantly running into everything, including us. She insists on laying at my feet under my desk, making it hard to get work done.

Despite sedatives, she whimpers all night on the floor next to me, depriving me of sleep. She is very needy.

dog with cone of shame under desk Jon Johnston

Having written this, boy am I rather whiny.

Hey, I’m old. I need my sleep.

Nebraska fall camp starts this Friday. I managed to throw something together just ahead of camp. I should probably start putting decent thumbnails on these damned things.

I keep wanting to do more, just like the SEC, but I am being stymied.

Note the main photo on this article

Do you think that’s happening this year? Do you think Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby is handing out a Big 12 Championship trophy to Oklahoma this season?


I don’t blame people for betting on Illinois. So far, Scott Frost has shown us not jack shit. Do you remember the Wisconsin - Illinois game last season? Graham Mertz looked like a God of quarterbacks against the Illini when their defense wasn’t even bothering to cover receivers? Do you remember that game?

That Illinois team beat Nebraska. If I were not a Nebraska guy, I wouldn’t bet on us either.

Quick decision leads Verge to Nebraska
“I want to win in the NCAA Tournament before I stop playing college basketball,” Verge said.

The slick-speaking veteran is aware of the Huskers’ post-season misfortunes. However, he believes Nebraska has pieces in place to make history during the upcoming season.

Texas A&M gives in.

Simone Biles shares message on Larry Nassar abuse after opting out of Olympics
In 2018, Biles revealed she was one of the more than 100 female gymnasts who credibly accused Nassar of molestation. She said the trauma brought about suicidal thoughts and made it difficult to return to the famed USA Gymnastics training facility formerly run by Bela Karolyi where much of the abuse occurred.

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All the latest on the only story that matters right now.

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This is a MASSIVE accusation levied against the Worldwide Leader.

The Big 12 Collapsed Because Texas Couldn’t Handle Losing that Many Games - Our Daily Bears
It’s the losing, stupid

Big 12 Conference Sends ESPN “Cease and Desist” Letter; Accuses Network of Tortious Interference and Attempt to Destabilize Conference - Our Daily Bears
The Big 12 ain’t going quietly into that night.

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Could Iowa State get a Big Ten invitation during conference realignment.

Then There’s This

Caroline is my former boss and a very nice person. The responses are.... I am glad I’m married to a beautiful woman.

True story about introducing myself as “Jon the Bastard”.

Make A Good First Impression? No. Make A Memorable Impression Instead - Jon Johnston
I hate the idea of making a good first impression. There's too much pressure. I prefer to make a memorable first impression.

We could still use some assistance if you’d like.