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Five Heart Podcast Episode 235: OU/Texas, Big Ten Media Days

2021 Big Ten Football Media Day Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

This is a brand new Five Heart Podcast, with Jon Johnston and Todd Wolverton.

There was plenty of scuttlebutt this week as Texas and Oklahoma announced their intentions to leave the conference they love to go to “greener pastures.” And in this case, it’s all about the money. I mean, it was a decade ago for Nebraska, too, but we also hate Texas.

It’s odd to me that two teams that hate each other as much as they do would be in cahoots to abandon the Big XII together, hand in hand, skipping on down to the SEC.

Also, it was Big Ten Media Days. And things were said. That’s about it. And from the feedback we saw on social media this week, you all are tired of hearing talk and are anxious to see improvement on the field (we are too, but we’re contractually obligated to cover B10 Media Days).

Meanwhile, hang in there. We’re getting closer every day.