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Big Ten Media Days - Day One Tweetcap

Conference realignment, NIL, players to watch and what Nebraska’s new AD said about expectations

2021 Big Ten Football Media Day Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Big Ten Media Days kicked off this morning with commissioner Kevin Warren and seven coaches talking this morning. Scott Frost was the third coach to speak. The coaches appeared in order: PJ Fleck (Minnesota), Mike Locksley (Maryland), Scott Frost, Bret Bielema (Illinois - still feels weird to type that), James Franklin (Penn State), Pat Fitzgerald (Northwestern) and Jim Harbaugh (Michigan).

Nebraska’s new athletic director was in the house too.

Kevin Warren

A step toward being the future B1G commissioner?

Warren believes that national legislation is needed rather than the patchwork of state laws that have been passed so far.

Personally, I think the NCAA is becoming less and less relevant, especially with the push toward super-conferences in football. I can see a day where the NCAA basically is the organizing committee for March Madness and that is about it.

Finally! We get around to conference realignment!!

The perfect, non-answer answer.

In other words, Notre Dame is still not taking our phone calls.

There was also discussion about expanding the College Football Playoff and Warren was similarly non-committal there, indicating a need to especially talk to players and their families along with bowl partners, administrators and the other usual suspects.

What could possibly go wrong?

PJ Fleck

Fleck was...well...Fleck.

Mike Locksley

There were no questions for Locksley. LOL!

Scott Frost

Most of the time, Scott manages to say something that ticks off a bunch of other fan bases. Let’s see what he does today!

Frost’s restraint in not saying what he probably really thinks about that situation is admirable, and refreshing.

When “sloganeering” becomes the weirdest thing our coach says, it means he has taken some Tom Osborne press conference lessons.

What else is he going to say about his QB1?

Some comments from Nebraska Athletic Director Trev Alberts

If anything important comes from the rest of the coaches or the day, we’ll send out an update.

Some Thoughts

After the debacle that was the Big Ten head office trying to “communicate” about their plans for the 2020 season, I had legitimate worries about Kevin Warren’s ability to lead the conference. Today, he allayed many of those concerns as he was a smooth talker and said all the right bureaucratic stuff. He seems to have found his footing and is more comfortable after a year in this role.

A quick scan of the Twitterverse shows that Scott Frost didn’t set off every other fan base with some offhand comment. Progress? Speaking of Scott Frost, he is aging faster than a U.S. President. It’s no wonder Tom Osborne retired from coaching at the relatively young age of 60(or so).

Trev Alberts is the person who has every book ever written about leadership on a book shelf somewhere. He probably also has a leadership coach. But, he doesn’t spout platitudes or say jargon just to say it. He really does come across as a thoughtful administrator who takes the “people” side of the job very seriously.

What are your thoughts Corn Nation?