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Ted Lasso, Olympics, & Other Stuff Flakes

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Apple’s “Ted Lasso” Season 2 Premiere - Arrivals Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

The news season of Ted Lasso comes out this Friday. I originally wanted to dedicate this Flakes to Ted and his merry band of soccer loving Brits. I highly recommend seeing the first season if you have not. Will you learn more about soccer? Oh no, I went in to the series with little knowledge and I still have no clue how the game works.

Then I realized that the Olympics are also starting this Friday. This made me thing that it would be a good idea to talk about the difficulties that this years games will have along with the fact that it’s a financial boondoggle for anyone who hosts it. We have two weeks of hopefully COVID free games that will take place on the glorious island of Japan. A perfect way to get your mind of things this summer.

But then, I realized what I truly need to dedicate this article to...


Mankilling Mastodons

Randy Gregory's road to redemption: Addiction, divorce and all that the Cowboys hope he can overcome – The Athletic
Drug suspensions have continually derailed the defensive end, but he may now have the support and focus he needs to get his career on track.

How a Super Bowl champion's offseason hobby led new University of Nebraska recruit to volleyball - KRDO
For the third time in just two days, a high school volleyball player has announced their plans to play for Nebraska.

In Rob Childress' new job with Nebraska baseball, his focus is on the 'here and now' | Baseball |
Rob Childress is back with Nebraska baseball. So what will he do in his role as the director of player development? "Doing my very best to help these guys in

Other News From The Sporting World

Mandel: It's time for major college football programs to devise their own solutions as the NCAA's power dissolves – The Athletic
Instead of trying to fix the NCAA, why not broaden the College Football Playoff's role in governance of the 130 FBS schools?

Faux Pelini: Dear Trev Alberts, to succeed as Nebraska’s new AD, adhere to my Three Pillars of Huskers Success – The Athletic
It's not a coincidence that Nebraska's AD and coach played for Tom Osborne in the glorious 90s. The past is prologue and also the future.

'It just didn't work out': Ed Orgeron says he still would've hired Bo Pelini with face-to-face interview
LSU's defense struggled majorly under Bo Pelini in 2020.

Big Ten West college football offseason preview - A nod to Wisconsin
The division has been consistently unpredictable in recent years, but Wisconsin's solid defense and offensive potential make the Badgers the team to beat in the West.

Mark Emmert paid $2.9 million by NCAA despite COVID-19 revenue drop - Sports Illustrated NCAA president Mark Emmert was paid nearly $3 million in the 2019-20 fiscal year despite a 50 percent drop in revenue due to COVID-19.

Ten of college football's most controversial games since 2000
College football is a game of unexpected twists and turns, often giving fans frantic and thrilling finishes each and every week of the season. And it wouldn't be the sport that we all cherish either if there wasn't a little bit of controversy sprinkled in from time to time.

Nick Saban reveals Alabama QB Bryce Young has earned 'ungodly numbers' in income from NIL deals -
Young figures to be one of college football's biggest stars in 2021

College football 50 things countdown: I can't wait for the unique sights, sounds and traditions to return in all their glory – The Athletic
It's all coming soon: Washington's Sailgaters on Union Bay, Bevo surveying the scene at DKR and 80,000 Wisconsin fans Jumping Around.

College Football Playoff expansion complicated by Rose Bowl - Sports Illustrated
The Rose Bowl could present a significant roadblock in the path to an agreement for college football's playoff expansion model.

Jackson State coach Deion Sanders walks out of SWAC Media Day event
Jackson State coach Deion Sanders walks out of SWAC Media Day event following being referred to as "Deion".

Should a Mental Health Emergency Derail a Dangerous Climb? - The New York Times
A mountain climber with bipolar disorder had an episode that thwarted his team’s plan to summit the world’s seventh-highest peak, prompting a debate about mental illness in adventure sports.

Game Six Rapid Recap: Milwaukee Bucks 105, Phoenix Suns 98 - Brew Hoop
The Milwaukee Bucks are NBA champions. Emerging victorious over the Phoenix Suns, 105-98, they have won the 2021 NBA Finals.

Bucks in six. That’s for the culture. Box Score

Both teams spent...

Yellow Journalism

Video games need to borrow more from this one ancient art form
Video games are an art form all their own, but their ties to one medium redefine what we mean by “player.”

CDC confirms US case of monkeypox | TheHill
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Friday confirmed a case of monkeypox in the U.S.

Ted Lasso

How 'Ted Lasso' won over U.S. soccer stars, who love the show - Los Angeles Times
The 'Ted Lasso' cast and crew are delighted that Alex Morgan, Sacha Kljestan, Gregg Berhalter and Jill Ellis are among the fans who say it captures the spirit of soccer teams.

Jason Sudeikis has real-life Ted Lasso moment with writer - Sports Illustrated
Jason Sudeikis channels Ted Lasso for special bonding moment with writer.