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Preseason Nebrasketball Player Profile: Jace Piatkowski

A home grown walk on who has made his way into games should improve this season

Nebraska v Maryland Photo by G Fiume/Maryland Terrapins/Getty Images


Welcome one and all to our first of many Nebrasketball player profiles. Believe it or not but we are only a handful of months away from the Huskers first tipoff against Peru State! Yes, it is just an exhibition but it’s still a game.

I know many of you are thinking, “isn’t it too early for basketball previews? We haven’t even hit football season yet!”. Well, we here at Corn Nation are a somewhat of a forward thinking bunch and do not want to spend our days inundating you with a ton of basketball content all at once. We like to spread it out so you can really soak in all the Nebrasketball goodness.

That and us basketball writers try to out do the football writers here which, to be honest, isn’t that hard. So, you are now staring down the barrel of a lot of basketball content for the upcoming season.

In today’s preview we are analyzing redshirt freshman Jace Piatkowski. A fine young man from Elkhorn South who bravely walked on to the program just two short years ago. Since then, this lad has not only taken his licks on the practice squad but has risen to see playing time.

Last season he saw time in ten games where he averaged 0.4 points and 0.2 rebounds. In total he had 18 minutes of playing time. Jace was 100% from the three point range scoring one bucket in his only shot against McNeese State back in November.

Overall, Jace has improved as a player. If the Huskers improve as a whole, which I expect they will, he could see even more playing time as the season goes on. Hoiberg could utilize him later on in the games to secure big wins that the Huskers have a comfortable lead in.

He is a little small for a guard at 6’3” and 184lbs but handles himself well and is athletic enough to play Division I basketball. We will see what this past offseason has done for him and his game. He will be practicing with one of the more talented group of Huskers that we have seen for quite awhile. Something that could build this home grown Nebraska boy into a quality player.

But again, this is a talented team so he will have to bide his time on the bench before we see much out of him. Like I stated above, we should see Jace but to help close out games. He has time and room to grow which should benefit him greatly.