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Friday Flakes: Do You Plan On Going Back to the Movie Theater?

Well maybe you already have but if you could never go again would you miss it?

AMC Theatres Reopens In New York City Photo by Noam Galai/WireImage

Yesterday I learned that my favorite movie theater, AMC Oakview Plaza 24 in Omaha, is closed permanently. I remember when that placed first opened up. It was a zoo. There were concessions at each end as well as the front. It was fully staffed. Then as time went on those went away.

Right before the pandemic you usually would only have one or two people working at concessions. You could see the writing on the wall. The pandemic showed up and they were all closed down.

I kept waiting for AMC 24 to open up but I obviously missed the news back in November of 2020 that is was permanently closed.


I love going to movies at the movie theater. I understand that it’s getting more and more difficult to justify it when I can watch new releases on my streaming device at home. I can pause it. Go make a snack. Go to the bathroom.

If I didn’t understand what a character just said I could rewind it or turn on the subtitles. A large bag of buttered popcorn and a pop/soda/coke/pepsi doesn’t cost $15 at home. It’s probably closer to $2.

We also now have larger televisions with surround sound systems. We can sit in our favorite chair or couch.

So why go back to the theater?

Since the theaters opened back up I have seen one movie in a theater. It was A Quiet Place Part 2. Not as good as the first, but it was still good.

For me personally, there is something special about watching a movie in a theater. It might be pure nostalgia. I don’t know. Though there is something relaxing about putting your phone on airplane mode and watching a movie in a theater for two hours and forgetting for at least a few moments everything else that’s going on outside of that theater.


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