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The Counter Bootleg - Episode 12: Not Quite Sold On Trev Alberts...Yet

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It’s been a couple months since the last episode of The Counter Bootleg Podcast.

In the 12th episode I quickly discuss who I wanted as Athletic Director. Spoiler alert - Trev Alberts was not my first pick.

Then I went over my initial reaction to the news that Trev Alberts would be the new athletic director at Nebraska. As I say in the podcast my immediate reaction was, “OH, COME ON!.”

After several hours of thinking about the hire the excitement dissipated and I reevaluated my initial reactions.

If you listen to the podcast I bet you will find that you probably also had a lot of the same thoughts one way or the other. I still don’t know where I land on the decision but regardless he’s the one they picked and now all I can do is hope he is successful.

Please give it a listen!

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