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Nebraska Names Trev Alberts as New Athletic Director

It is official. Former Butkus award winner is Nebraska’s new athletic director.


The national search for a new athletic director for Nebraska is finally over.

Nebraska announced today that it is hiring University of Nebraska-Omaha’s athletic director Trev Alberts to serve in the same role at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

As known by most Nebraska football fans, Trev Alberts is one of the most decorated football players in the history of the program and he played in the 90’s. He was a Butkus award winner and played in the 1994 Orange Bowl with a dislocated elbow.

The past 12 years as the Athletic Director in Omaha he cut both the football program and the wrestling program because he wanted to take UNO to division one which is viewed by some to be ruthless in his decision-making.

Maybe that is what Nebraska football needs.

Ruthlessness and the 90’s.

However, some will argue that he has made a couple good hires in Dean Blais for hockey and Bob Warming in soccer among others. He may have also saved the athletic department in Omaha by moving UNO to the Summit League.

This hire will not be seen as a homerun. I’m not even sure you could consider it to be a safe hire. It is a difficult hire to make because UNL Chancellor Ronnie Green and University President Ted Carter know there will be varying opinions on Trev Alberts as Nebraska’s athletic director.

Alberts has made difficult decisions in the past and maybe that’s what Green and Carter are looking for in the new athletic director going forward.