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Nebraska Football Fan Day Set For July 29th!

Jon Johnston

Nebraska football fans - get ready to return to Memorial Stadium!

The Annual Football Fan Day is back for July 29th.

Nebraska football fans can get to Memorial Stadium to meet Husker players, coaches and staff before the start of the 2021 football season.

More information will come soon regarding where to go and what to do, things the coaches, players and staff will autograph (not your bald head, so don’t ask, Dan, they’re tired of it).

That means July 29th is the official day of all y’all starting to drink the kool aid. I know it’s been a rough few years for Nebraska football (I am being kind), and I know the pandemic has been tough on everyone.

Time is coming for us to prepare for getting back together as a fan base for something we truly love. Put aside your past feelings of hopelessness and despair. Think about heading into the season with a renewed sense of allowing life to happen instead of setting expectations you may never see come to fruition.

Stop worrying about what hasn’t happened yet. Open yourself to new possibilities!

It’s a fresh new season coming upon us!

Prepare ye selves, beautiful souls!