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Nebraska Baseball Vs. NJIT Elimination Gamethread

Huskers take on Highlanders in elimination contest

Jon Johnston

After falling to the #1 overall seed Arkansas by a score of 5-1 last night, Nebraska needs to battle back and defeat the New Jersey Institute of Technology Highlanders this afternoon to earn a rematch against the Hogs.

NJIT took on Arkansas on Friday afternoon, falling by a final score of 13-8. The Highlanders put up a good fight and earned the respect of the crowd. Last night, multiple NJIT players made their way into the stadium to watch the Huskers and Hogs battle it out.

NJIT will need to bring its A game today as they have used up three of their starting pitchers already. Ryan Fischer threw seven innings against Northeastern yesterday in an elimination game win. Tyler Stafflinger threw 67 pitches against Arkasas while Jared Kacso threw 87 as well. NJIT has also used their closer Jake Rappaport both days with him throwing 19 pitches against Arkansas and 31 against Northeastern.

For the Huskers, they have a lot more flexibility to play with. Cade Povich and Chance Hroch are the only Huskers who would be off limits. Koty Frank threw 48 pitches, but he could come back for an inning or two today if needed. Spencer Schwellenbach had 29 pitches Friday night, but maybe he gets a start today if the Huskers would win the first elimination game.