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Cornhuskers React: Coach K’s Retirement and College Hoops

With one of the elite coaches of the current college basketball landscape announcing his impending retirement, what does that mean for the sport?

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National Voting Results

Duke Blue Devils head coach Mike Krzyzewski announced this week he will retire at the end of the 2021-2022 college basketball season. As one of the elite coaches in the present college basketball landscape, the news obviously drew widespread coverage and, despite his age and growing questions of dirty recruiting with the likes of players such as Zion Williamson, still sent some shockwaves around the sport. What will happen to Duke, who, frankly, was arguably not a blue-blood in the sport prior to his assuming the role of head coach? Who will now become the “best” active head coach? Where will Coach K’s legacy fall in the history of the sport? This week’s fan pulse gauges SB Nations fans’ views on the various questions it raised.

First up for fans in this week’s polling zeroed in on where Duke will be following Coach K:

Will Duke stay among college basketball elites?

Perhaps a tad concerning for true Duke fans out there rather than the bandwagoners out there, just a slim majority of 54-percent believe Duke will stay elite. Sure, a majority think the Blue Devils will, but that is an awful slim majority for fans who expect dominance.

What about where Coack K’s legacy ranks all-time in the sport. The next question gauged that.

Where does Coach K rank among all time coaches?

Come on, really? Are you one of the people who voted best ever? If so, get a freaking reality check. Same for those who ranked Coach K outside the top ten. John Wooden probably would not have been able to replicate his success in the modern era, but even besides him, there are plenty of head coaches arguably ahead of Coach K. Most fans were sane in their take by ranking him as top-five, and certainly more should have ranked him top-ten versus best ever. Regardless, the full breakdown is below.

  1. Best Ever 18%
  2. Top Five 67%
  3. Top Ten 11%
  4. Outside Top Ten 3%

Finally, the last question looks at who the best coach remaining is now. Again, the results are... less than reasonable in recency bias. I am not arguing Izzo should be No. 1, though that is who I picked. But Mark Few? Seriously? I like Few, but you’re an idiot who probably thinks Tom Brady and the New England Patriots didn’t actually cheat to win some of the Super Bowls if you voted for Few. Give me a freaking break. This year aside, Gonzaga usually flames out early in the NCAA tournament and plays in a non-Power Six conference to win all of their conference titles.

Who becomes the best active basketball coach?

The full breakdown is:

  1. You’re an idiot for voting for him if you did 32%
  2. Jay Wright 21%
  3. Tom Izzo 16%
  4. Tony Bennett 9%
  5. Bill Self 8%
  6. John Calipari 7%
  7. Jim Boeheim 6%

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