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Frosted Flakes: A Leader Is Emerging to Be the Next Nebraska Athletic Director

Husker recruiting notes, Olympic spots are filling up, and how one country made a massive shift in traffic patterns

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Nebraska is in the market for a new athletic director. Multiple articles are starting to link former Husker linebacker Ed Stewart to the job. Stewart’s bio is impressive, he was a Butkus award finalist, Big 8 defensive player of the year and a consensus All-American. Since his time as a Blackshirt, Stewart has spent 14 years with the Big 12 as part of the ‘senior management team.’

He certainly seems to have the qualifications to become an athletic director and he has a clear Nebraska connection. He also hails from the Golden Age of Husker football, which seems to be a prerequisite for this slow, agonizing rebuild. If Stewart is the choice, Nebraska will have a relatively young, yet experienced person at the helm.

Plus, we get to enjoy all the rumors of “Nebraska going back to the Big 12!?!”

Nebraska's Next A.D.: Is Ed Stewart Already In? - All Huskers
Writer Lars Anderson tweets that his "most trusted" source says the former Husker linebacker is the pick for athletic director.

Report: Former Nebraska football player a strong candidate to become next AD
A former Husker football player is reportedly a strong candidate.

Frosted Flakes

Four-star Jaden Mangham, who could end up on either side of ball in college, has ‘great’ visit to NU | Grand Island Sports |
Nebraska wrapped up a whirlwind June on the recruiting front by hosting four-star athlete Jaden Mangham on an official visit this weekend.

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For those who like to say, “Pics or it didn’t happen?” The Huskers have pics.

Tyreke Johnson, the former five-star defensive back from...

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Sportsin’ Stuff Outside the 402/308

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