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Who Might Replace Bill Moos as Athletic Director?

Some good - and not so good - guesses as to the next person to take the reins of Husker Athletics

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 04 Northwestern at Nebraska Photo by John Peterson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Bill Moos is out as Nebraska’s athletic director. Now, it’s time to speculate on who might replace him. The names below are in no particular order (our favorites or “most likely” aren’t necessarily at the top). This is just the order in which we typed them.

“Local” Names

Dave Rimington

He served as interim AD before Moos was hired, but only for about a month. He would be a familiar presence for donors and fans but does his work with the Boomer Esiason Foundation qualify him to run a capital campaign as major as the one Nebraska is undertaking now?

John Cook

Unlike some great coaches who turn out to be mediocre administrators, Cook’s approach to everything screams “Success!’ He just happens to also be one of the best volleyball coaches in the world. There are already signs (named Tyler Hildebrand) that he is ready to turn over the beloved volleyball program to someone else in the near future. But would he take on a high-pressure, high-stakes job like AD or would he rather retire and head to California and get paid to be a consultant??

Trev Alberts

His name always comes up when there is a high-profile opening in the Husker athletic department. Some people may have even forgiven him for axing the football program at UNO by now...

Barry Alvarez

His retirement to his Florida home in Fort Myers was a secret ploy to throw everyone off the scent before his grand homecoming to Lincoln


Some very good boys and girls...

Already in the Athletic Department

If the rumors are to be believed, the associate ADs have been running the place for a while. If so, they have a pretty good case for having the experience, contacts, and support of the staff to take the top job. There is also a massive capital campaign underway and hiring from within makes sense if that is a top priority.

Garrett Klassy

Klassy has been the senior deputy athletic director at Nebraska for two years. Prior to that, he was at the University of Illinois Chicago. He was tapped to be the interim AD starting July 1 while the search for Bill Moos’ successor occurs.

John Johnson

Is also the senior deputy athletic director and chief of staff for the past two years. He followed Bill Moos from WSU out to the Great Plains. He had several roles over 15 years at WSU. Prior to that, he was the AD for Weber State and Eastern Washington University.

Outside the 402/308

Jamie Pollard

Pollard built ISU into a contender in both football and men’s basketball. But, would he leave Ames for the shark tank of Lincoln? One reason is that Nebraska probably could double his salary and the football program has been a mess for so long, no one would hold it against him if he didn’t get it fixed. A big hire like this would ratchet up the pressure on Scott Frost considerably. Bill Moos leaving does that to some degree, but a hire like Pollard indicates that some may be tired of a long, slow rebuild.

John Cunningham

Cunningham is the athletic director at Cincinnati and gets mentioned often when openings like Nebraska’s occur. He spent time in the Minnesota AD, so he has fmiliarity with the Big Ten and is seen as someone who is ready to step up to a Power 5 opening.

Someone We Haven’t Mentioned Yet

My money is on this person being the hire.

Not Happening, But Hear Us Out

The Corn Nation Staff

We’ve got all the experience needed - banking, lawyering, IT consulting, cattle herding (a lot like cat herding), politics, transportation policy (comes in handy for road games), school principal, military service, coaching, teaching, traveling, engineering, and recruiting. We may not be very good at firing people (you’re welcome Cobby) but look at that list and tell me there is an important skill missing. We even have some bonus skills to bring to the table:

  • Manure management
  • Profanity
  • Sandwiches (someone’s gotta keep the press box stocked)
  • Mom voice
  • Passive dad voice
  • Hail Mary’s (saying them, not throwing them)
  • Water management
  • We actually care about the baseball team
  • Boy Scout badges - all of them
  • Doesn’t let a little thing like dying stop them from getting stuff done
  • Diversity - First P5 openly gay co-Athletic Director? Kevin needs a “first openly gay” something distinction, and this one is as good as any

The athletic department would have to buy a few more office chairs, but we’d split the salary between us and could take turns doing the job if that helps cover the extra costs. Of course, Dear Leader gets Week 1.

We look forward to the offer that is sure to come.